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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2042 by

Chapter 2042

Avery got out of bed.

When the doctor saw her getting out of bed, he was startled and said, “Miss Tate, what are you doing?”

“I’ll take something.” Avery walked to the suitcase and squatted down.

“Miss Tate, you have a stomach injury, so don’t squat! I’ll help you get what you want.” The doctor quickly put down the medicine in his hand and helped her up.

Avery: “please help me open the suitcase, there is a men’s white shirt in it, you can help me take it out.”

The doctor immediately opened her suitcase.

That men’s white shirt, in a more conspicuous position.

The doctor picked up the shirt and asked, “Is it this one?”

“Yes.” Avery took the shirt and went back to the bed to sit down.

“Miss Tate, this dress is a little dirty.” The doctor glanced at the white shirt and reminded kindly, “Can’t the stains be washed off?”

“I don’t wash it.” Avery held the shirt in both hands with a serious expression.

The doctor dared not say much. Prepare the medicine, give her the needle, and exit the bedroom.

“Miss Tate is holding a dirty shirt.” The doctor came out and told Mike about it.

“That’s what Elliot wore during his lifetime.” Mike replied.

The doctor: “No wonder she looks so sad.”

“You haven’t eaten yet? Let’s eat here!” Mike invited, “How many bottles of medicine does she want?”

The doctor: “Two bottles.”

“Then come over for dinner!” Mike took the doctor to the dining room.

“Miss Tate hasn’t eaten yet?”

“I asked the nanny to bring her food.” Mike guessed that Avery would not be able to eat.

“Elliot is really dead?” The word ‘before his death’ that Mike said just now echoed in the doctor’s mind.

“Not necessarily! But there is no news about him yet. I thought he should still be alive, but it’s more difficult to lose contact for so long.” Mike only dared to tell outsiders these words.

If he said this in front of Avery, Avery would definitely be greatly stimulated.

“By the way, do you know what the pharmaceutical company opened by Margaret does?” Mike remembered this, so he chatted with the doctor.

After thinking for a few seconds, the doctor said: “I heard from my colleagues. Margaret’s company actually mainly serves Travis. It can also be said that it serves the two of them. Both of them are relatively old, one is in his sixties and One of them is in their seventies, but do they both look much younger than their peers? It’s because Margaret’s team has been researching medicines for eternal youth.”

Mike: “Haha, Avery told me that birth, old age, sickness and death are the laws of nature. No one can go against it. There is no way to keep youth forever in this world.”

“I think the same as Miss Tate, but Margaret is more powerful. Maybe she has really developed a way to delay aging. Otherwise, what would Travis look So young?” The doctor said.

Mike was silent for a few seconds, then asked: “Doing this kind of research, shouldn’t people die?”

The doctor said, “Theoretically not. Any medical research will use animal experiments first. Only after the safety of animal experiments will be used in clinical trials. “

In that case, why did they arrest Elliot? Besides, according to what you mean, they should have already developed a drug to delay aging, and they don’t need to arrest Elliot to test it!”

The doctor asked, “Did they arrest Elliot?”

“It should be.” Mike whispered, “The clues we have so far are this.”

Mike picked up the wine bottle and poured the doctor.

“I don’t drink. I have to drive back later.” The doctor refused.

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