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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2041 by

Chapter 2041

Margaret: “Hurry up and ask! I’m starving to death!”

Mike glared at Margaret, then took his mobile phone and walked aside to find someone to contact the decoration company.

Half an hour later, the decoration company sent Mike Margaret’s decoration structure diagram and final decoration renderings.

Mike glanced at the picture, and then handed the phone to Avery for Avery to see.

After seeing the picture, Avery got up from the chair with a pale face.

“Avery, you’ve made enough trouble, can I go with the bodyguard?!” Margaret roared at Avery’s back with a gloomy face.

Avery clasped her hands tightly, turned around, and looked at Margaret’s face with cold eyes: “You can go, but this matter is far from over!”

“Then you can continue to investigate! Later, you will give me a call, if you’ll come out!” Margaret has suffered this loss, and will never suffer a second loss!

After coming out of the company, Margaret thought of what Avery gave her, and her anger disappeared little by little.

She thought that Professor Hough was a merciless sc*mbag, but she didn’t expect that it was actually different from what she imagined.

Of course, just a handwritten name cannot erase the hurt Professor Hough had done to her back then.

Margaret’s bodyguard said, “Boss, I’m sorry! I didn’t protect you today.”

The bodyguard and Margaret took a taxi on the side road. Their car was still at the previous cafe.

“What’s the use of me blaming you? Avery brought eleven people with her. Even if you are very skilled, you can’t fight eleven people alone!” Margaret didn’t blame the bodyguard.

The bodyguard: “You yelled at me like that in there just now, I was really scared to death…”

“I want you to get out first and go to the rescue! Who knew that Avery’s bodyguard was so shrewd!” Margaret cursed in a low voice.

The bodyguard stopped a taxi on the side of the road.

After the two got into the car, Margaret called Travis.

Margaret: “Travis, guess what Avery did to me just now?”

Travis: “I called you, but you never answered, so I guessed that something must have happened to you.”

“Avery has no evidence! Her bodyguard is with me. So we don’t have to be afraid of anything for the time being.” Margaret smiled proudly, “She found my company. She was incompetent and furious inside! Seeing her so sad and incompetent, I feel so good! If Professor Hough is still alive, seeing his good disciple being played around by me, I don’t know if I will feel distressed hahaha!”

Travis laughed and said, “Margaret, since she suspects you now, you should avoid the limelight! “

Margaret: “Wait until I go back. I’m starving to death.”

After Mike sent Avery to her house, he immediately called the doctor and asked the doctor to come and give Avery an infusion.

Avery ran out and tossed for a few hours today, and the wound ripped apart without any accident.

Mike can’t remember how many times the wound has been lacerated since her injury.

He’s really worried that if things go on like this, her wound will get infected, making her condition worse.

“You have to recuperate at home for the next three days. Even if I don’t eat or sleep, I have to watch you at home!” Mike stood at the door of her room and warned her.

Avery ignored his warning. She seemed to be immersed in her own world.

Mike knew that there must be Elliot in the world she was immersed in.

After half an hour, the doctor came.

After Mike told the doctor about Avery’s situation, the doctor immediately took the medicine and entered Avery’s bedroom.

“Miss Tate, what are you doing? You know that you are injured, so you should rest at home.” The doctor put the medicine box on the bedside table.

Avery’s eyes turned to the medicine box, and out of the corner of his eyes, he caught a glimpse of the suitcase that he had placed beside the bedside table.

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