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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2040 by

Chapter 2040

Margaret sneered and didn’t answer.

“You dare not answer my words because you are afraid. Margaret, just wait! Your wedding with Travis may have to be held in the underworld.” Ali continued to threaten.

The smile on Margaret’s face faded, and she couldn’t help reaching into her bag.

“What are you doing?!” Ali shouted violently when he saw Margaret’s action.

Margaret’s body trembled, and she frowned: “I look at the note written by Professor Hough! I haven’t been caught for breaking the law, are you guarding the prisoner? You are so bold!”

“Don’t look!” Ali snatched her handbag away, “Before my boss allows you to be free, you are a prisoner!”

Margaret gritted her teeth, but there was nothing she could do.

The bodyguard Margaret brought, shrank away secretly, wanting to pretend that he wasn’t here.

What is more and more afraid of what.

Margaret soon saw her useless bodyguard and asked, “What are you doing hiding there?”

The bodyguard flinched: “He has a gun…I don’t have…”

“Then get out of here! Look, you will be an eyesore!” Margaret yelled.

After the bodyguard glanced at Ali, his body quickly moved towards the door.

“You two are playing double reeds here!” Ali took out his pistol and pointed it at Margaret’s bodyguard, “Are you running out so you can report to Travis? Before my boss speaks, neither of you want to leave!”

Avery took the bodyguards and searched every room of the company inch by inch!

She didn’t find Elliot’s figure.

In the laboratory, the equipment is still there, but there is no medicine.

Avery stood in the laboratory and looked around.

This laboratory looked relatively ordinary, and the space was not large.

After staying inside for a while, she came out and planned to go to another room.

“Let’s go and see if there is a hidden space such as a secret compartment.”

“Miss Tate, have you ever thought that even if Elliot was here before, but now it’s closed, how could they leave Elliot alone here?” A bodyguard asked suspiciously.

“Yeah, Miss Tate! There’s no one here at all. Elliot is definitely not here.” Another bodyguard also said, “We have turned over the three floors and called Elliot’s name countless times. If he is still here or alive, he will definitely respond to us.”

“What if he is imprisoned here, what if he is in a coma and can’t hear our voice? Look for it!” Avery didn’t want to give up.

She finally found this place, and she was unwilling not to turn it upside down.

Not long after, Mike drove to find here.

After Mike came over, he first pulled Avery aside and sat down in the chair.

“You really don’t remember that you were injured! You can just call me for this kind of thing, why did you come here yourself?” Mike frowned, angry that she didn’t know how distressed her body was.

“My wound doesn’t hurt anymore.” Avery explained, sitting in a chair.

“You know whether it hurts or not.” Mike’s eyes swept across her face coldly.

Avery lowered her head.

Mike looked at the bodyguard and said, “Did you find Elliot?”

“I didn’t find Elliot! Miss Tate asked us to find out if there was any hidden secret. We… didn’t find it.” The headed bodyguard replied.

“Organization secret?” Mike glanced at the house, the decoration was quite new, “Just ask the original decoration company, will the company know?”

Margaret wanted to end this boring game as soon as possible, so she took the initiative to say the name of decoration company.

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