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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2039 by

Chapter 2039

As Margaret said, the door of the company was closed and the door was not opened.

“Open the door of your company, I want to go in!” Avery took Margaret out of the car and asked her.

“I don’t have a key! I have to find someone…” Margaret rolled her eyes.

“Then you immediately call someone to open the door.” Avery did not doubt Margaret’s words.

Ali saw Margaret’s expression in his eyes and said to Avery: “I don’t need her to call someone, I can open the door!”

After Ali finished speaking, he took out a gun, pointed it at the door lock, and pulled the trigger!

After two loud bangs, the door was broken open!

Margaret was so frightened that her body suddenly retreated a few steps.

Avery didn’t care about her, and after the door opened, she strode into the company.

Ali bet on Margaret and followed closely.

“When did your company close?” Avery saw that the office equipment was still there, but no one was there.

“Just a while ago! I can’t remember exactly when. I haven’t managed this company for a long time. You know how much money it costs to do research. Travis is no more famous than your ex-husband. He can’t help me. I have been losing money every year, and I have long wanted me to continue to open this company.” Margaret had a bright and open expression, “Since you have come in, what do you want to see, you can see it yourself. Our company has three floors in total. The fourth floor is someone else’s territory.”

Avery heard the words and immediately took the bodyguard to find someone.

Although she felt that Elliot might not be here anymore, what if there were traces of his existence here?

After Avery and the other bodyguards walked away, Margaret found a chair and sat down.

Ali stood in front of her, staring at her.

“Margaret, did you hide Elliot?” Ali was impatient, he wanted to pry Margaret’s mouth open and cut Margaret’s heart to see what the truth was.

“Why are you full of nonsense? Do you have evidence? Shut up your mouth if you don’t have any evidence!” Margaret shouted, “Don’t think I’ll be afraid of you if you hold a gun, I’m a powerful person in Bridgedale anyway… ..”

“Haha! You have a head and a face? Do you mean that Elliot has no head and face? You are really more famous. Do you think Elliot is more famous or yours?” Ali’s roar overshadowed hers. “If you don’t want to die, return Elliot as soon as possible! If you are obsessed, wait for my boss to find Elliot. If this matter really has anything to do with you, just wait to die!”

Margaret’s mouth raised a quirky touch. She smiled and said: “Death is a threat to others, for me, it is a gift, a relief…”

Ali: “???”

Ali couldn’t understand at all What Margaret said. He thought about it in his heart, and suddenly there was a chill on my back.

Ali: “Aren’t you going to marry Travis? Why do I feel like you are seeking death?”

“You are seeking death. You threatened me with death, and I followed your words! Since you know that I am going to marry soon Travis, how dare you treat me like this?” Margaret stared at Ali as if he had been greatly wronged.

“You’re talking about that old man Travis, it’s better to say that you are Professor Hough’s sister!” Ali said arrogantly, “My boss has no strong evidence right now, once there is evidence… “

“You dare to arrest people without any evidence at all?” Margaret sneered, “You guys are really brave! Are you not afraid of calling the police after I go out?”

Ali was stunned: “Although my boss has no evidence , but I know that this matter has something to do with you! If you dare to call the police, then you should report it. When this matter gets bigger, maybe you can help us find Elliot!”

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