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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2037 by

Chapter 2037

After a moment of silence, Margaret sneered: “Avery, Emilio has already told us. You are now suspicious of Taoism. The company that Travis invested in… You can’t find anything suspicious, so you found me? Then why didn’t you find out that my company has already closed due to losses?”

Avery : “…”

Loss closing?

Margaret: “Let’s meet and talk! Just go to the cafe near your house. Remember to bring the gift you want to give me. I won’t chat with you until I see the gift.”

Margaret finished speaking and hung up the phone quickly.

Avery was stunned.

Margaret’s company has closed? Where did Elliot go?

Obviously Emilio said something was confirmed, why did something go wrong?

Did Emilio lie to Avery, or is there some mystery in it?

Avery went back to the room, changed her clothes, and took the bodyguard out the door.

The ten bodyguards Mike said last night followed her out with Avery’s bodyguard, Ali.

These ten people were all wearing plain clothes, with a relaxed expression on their faces, as if they were going to follow her on an outing.

Avery and Ali were in a car and the ten bodyguards in the back were in a van.

Avery couldn’t help sighing.

“Boss, what are you sighing for? With them protecting you, you are safer.” Ali said, “Travis also brought a group of people out last night.”

“I’m not sighing for this.” Avery looked out the window, feeling uneasy rather.

As long as Elliot is not found for a day, Elliot will be in more danger.

Avery clearly felt that she was very close to Elliot, but he was in a place that she couldn’t touch.

The car quickly stopped at the coffee shop.

Avery and Ali sat down at one table, and the rest of the bodyguards sat down at the other two tables.

About twenty minutes later, Margaret came to the coffee shop. She only brought one bodyguard.

After she came in, Ali and other bodyguards sat down at another table with interest.

“What about the notepad you’re talking about?” Margaret questioned Avery before she could sit down.

Avery reached into her bag, took out a silver pistol, and aimed it at Margaret’s body!

“Take me to your company now, right now!” Avery’s eyes became fierce and indifferent.

Margaret stared at the gun in her hand, and sneered sarcastically: “I made it very clear on the phone that my company has closed…”

“Since it’s closed, why are you here? Scared?!” Avery stood up.

The bodyguard brought by Margaret immediately stood up from the chair after finding out that the situation was not right.

Soon, Avery’s eleven bodyguards also stood up and looked at him with a ‘you want to die’ expression.

When Margaret’s bodyguard saw this battle, he immediately froze.

“Avery, you brought so many people here!” Margaret gritted her teeth, then picked up her handbag and gritted her teeth, “Put your gun away! I’ll take you there!”

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