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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2036 by

Chapter 2036

Emilio did not stay at Avery’s house for a long time. After he drank the water, he came out not long after.

After getting in the car, Emilio called his father to report: “Dad, Avery is in good condition.”

“Oh? Did she say what she will do next?” Travis asked.

“I asked, but she was wary of me, and asked me if I was assigned by you to come to talk to her.” Emilio said truthfully, “Last night my elder brother assassinated her, which caused her and her bodyguards to distrust me. She returned all the gifts I brought today.”

“Haha, did she say anything about Norah?” Travis’s answer to this was not surprising.

“Yes.” Emilio replied, “she told me that she and Elliot were almost killed in Yonroeville, which was done by Norah. She also asked me if you planned to make Norah your heir.

“Borrow Avery’s words for me?” Travis heard the overtones.

“Dad, you’re too worried. She really asked me this question. The reason why she cares about this question is because she thinks that you called Norah to join forces to swallow Tate Industries. Although Avery is not the the boss of the Tate Industries, but she rebuilt the Tate Industries.” Emilio continued, “Because I don’t know your mind, I told her I don’t know.”

“Don’t tell me you know my mind. Have you told outsiders?” Travis questioned.

“Of course I won’t tell her. She now treats the entire Jones family as an enemy. If I stand by her side and help her bring down the Jones family, I will have nothing.” Emilio expressed his attitude, “Dad, Avery knows about the company you invested in Aunt Gomez. She asked me what the company you invested in Aunt Gomez did, and I said I didn’t know.”

Travis frowned: “Why did she ask this all of a sudden?”

“I don’t know. She has been investigating you. Maybe she has finished investigating you, and she thinks there is no problem, so she started investigating Aunt Gomez again!” He clearly pretending to be confused, “I heard that Aunt Gomez’s company does medical research, and I don’t know exactly what the research is, but if there is a problem with Aunt Gomez’s company, you should notify Aunt Gomez as soon as possible, so that Aunt Gomez will not be caught by Avery. There is a flaw.”

Emilio’s tone was very sincere. It seems that he is really worried about Margaret Gomez and the entire Jones family. After all, Margaret is now tied to the entire Jones family.

“Got it!” Travis hung up the phone after saying this.

After talking on the phone, Emilio sent Avery a message.

Avery turned on the phone and saw word from him: [OK.]

Although Emilio didn’t say anything for sure, Avery guessed what he was talking about almost immediately.

Before he left, he said that Elliot might be in Margaret’s laboratory.

Now, the word ‘confirmed’ is sent again, indicating that his confirmation is Elliot’s business!

Avery was so excited. She dreamed of finding Elliot’s whereabouts, and now she finally has an eye!

She knew where Margaret’s company was, but if she rushed in rashly, she would definitely not be able to break in.

At 3 o’clock in the afternoon, Avery dialed Margaret’s number.

Margaret already knew from Travis that Avery doubted her, so when Margaret saw Avery’s call, she became wary. After hesitating for a while, she answered the phone.

“Ms. Gomez, your wedding date with Mr. Jones is approaching. Mr. Jones invited me to your wedding, so I have been thinking about what gift to give you these days. Today, I finally thought of a good gift for you.” Avery’s tone was soft, with a hint of joy.

Margaret guessed that there was a fraud, so she pretended to ask: “What gift?”

“After Professor James Hough died, his wife gave me all the books in his study.” Avery replied, “I found a notepad in his bookshelf. There are diaries written by him. There are records about work and life. It is written about you. I don’t know if you want this notepad.”

Margaret: “…”

“I’ve already found this notepad. If you want this gift, let’s meet! I’ll give you this gift with my own hands.” Avery continued, “I’m injured and can’t move. It’s too convenient to meet at a coffee shop near my house, how about that?”

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  1. I wish you get to the bottom of this Is this one thing after another happening can I just come to an ending where they live happily

  2. You can’t be serious expecting people to read through the obnoxious watermark and dark page background. Pretty ironic that someone stealing someone else’s novel to translate is acting indignant because someone is stealing his translation. Are you Chinese naijdate? Y’all been stealing US intellectual property for decades. What’s good for the goose lol

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