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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2033 by

Chapter 2033

Mike looks incredible: “So, you accidentally touched the mute button, causing such a big misunderstanding which led to mutual resentment for three years! This is not the worst, the worst is that you gave up the Tate Industries, and that fellow Elliot handed over the Tate Industries to Norah! In the end, the two of you almost died in Norah’s hand! Who can’t admire the two of you after hearing the truth?!”

After Mike finished speaking, he felt that his mouth might be a little poisonous, and immediately added: “It’s all over. There’s no need to shed tears for these things. Even if this misunderstanding didn’t solve it, didn’t the two of you reconcile? What does this mean? It means that no matter how big setbacks and difficulties the two of you encounter, they will not be separated because of it. “

Avery didn’t answer. She took the clothes from the closet and walked towards the bathroom.

Mike came out of her room, went to the living room, and saw a group of people standing outside the courtyard gate.

Mike strode out.

It’s Emilio.

However, the bodyguards stopped Emilio outside the courtyard gate and prevented him from entering.

“Let him in.” Mike said, “Let him in alone.”

The bodyguard immediately opened the courtyard door.

Emilio said to Mike: “Please carry these gifts in, I can’t carry them alone.”

“What are you bringing these things for?” Mike looked at the gifts on the ground with disgust.

“Didn’t my eldest brother stab Avery yesterday? My dad asked me to apologize to Avery.” After Emilio finished speaking, he walked into the yard, “Where is Avery? Is she okay?”

“She nearly strangled your sister Norah at the airport last night. Haven’t you heard about it?” Mike replied coldly to her, “Avery is very good. You can bring these gifts back later, we don’t need them.”

“She’s fine. But I called her last night, and she cried so badly that I didn’t sleep well all night.” Emilio said worriedly.

“She’s crying for Elliot. Don’t you think it has anything to do with you?” Mike replied with a poisonous tongue.

Emilio: “She’s crying for Elliot, so I can’t care about her? She and I are old classmates…”

“What’s old? Avery doesn’t know you at all. If it wasn’t for your father kidnapping Elliot, she wouldn’t have thought of you. She has been in Bridgedale for so many years, has she ever contacted you? I have no point in my heart.”

Emilio was disgraced and didn’t want to talk to Mike anymore.

“Avery! I’m here to see you. If you’re okay, come out!” Emilio stretched his neck and shouted.

Mike was shocked by his actions.

Just when Mike was about to cover his mouth and blast him out, Avery changed his clothes and walked out of the bedroom.

“What are you two doing?” Avery strode up to the two of them, “Mike, let him go.”

Mike was unwilling to let go of Emilio: “I let you in because I have something to ask you. If you don’t answer the question properly, I’ll ask the bodyguard to throw you out immediately.”

Emilio frowned and said with disgust, “I’m talking to Avery, you go away.”

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