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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2031 by

Chapter 2031

Hayden: “If you can’t sleep, go and block these online videos. I don’t want to see my mother make headlines tomorrow. “

Mike: Okay. I’ll deal with it now.”


When Norah came out of Jones’s house, it was already 1:00 a.m.

Travis asked Norah to live at Jones’s house, but she refused.

Travis will marry Margaret soon. Besides, Norah hates Travis very much, but now she needs Travis to protect herself, so she can’t make her disgust too obvious.

If Norah lived under the same roof, she was afraid that she would die.

She asked Travis to send someone to send her back to her home in Bridgedale.

When she got home, it was almost 2:00 a.m. She didn’t sleep at all. Her mother sent her several messages asking how she was doing, so She called her mother.

“Mom, Travis just wants the Tate Industries, he doesn’t take me seriously at all.” Norah was indignant, “In his eyes, I’m just a tool for his interests. He is 73 years old. But he still values ​​interests so much and doesn’t care about family affection at all, why?!”

Norah couldn’t figure out this question.

The 73-year-old man has one leg in the loess, but he can’t see a trace of sincerity and compassion.

“Norah, I still had a good time with him 30 years ago, and I never saw him again.” Madelyn hesitated for a while, then said, “Travis is very horny, but…he has a hidden illness. I read a popular science before, and this kind of person is more prone to psychological distortion.”

Madelyn continued, “If it wasn’t for your difficulties, I would never let you go to him. I didn’t expect that he would not become normal as he got older.”

Norah: “Mom, you said he had a hidden illness, but it didn’t affect him. He gave birth to so many children… It means that this disease is not serious, how could it make his mind distorted?”

Norah had a cold sweat on her back. She was afraid that Travis was a pervert with a twisted mind. If so, she might as well not turn to Travis.

“Norah, you’ve never been in a relationship, you don’t understand… His illness is quite serious. When I was with him, if he hadn’t been willing to spend money for me, I wouldn’t have been with him together at all. I dare say that he has had so many girlfriends, but none of them truly love him. Including the wives he married, all for his money. He is twisted because he knows this. So he can easily give up on anyone.”

“Haha…” Norah couldn’t say anything other than sneer.

“As for his many children… I don’t think they are all his own, because he is weak… These words, your mother only tells you, you must not spread them out. Otherwise, he will know and definitely kill me and you.” Madelyn was afraid to remind.

“Who else can I tell this kind of scandal?!” Norah roared, “I can’t trust him, so I have to find another way!”

“Norah, don’t be so pessimistic. He is already over 70 years old. Maybe one day he will die. If you can share some of his property, you can take the money and fly away to a place where no one can find you, and then you will not have to be afraid of anything.”

Madelyn’s words, let Norah’s irritable mood eased slightly.

A small leak will sink a great ship.

Emilio can endure it, and she can adapt to changes.

The next day, ten in the morning.

Mike knocked on Avery’s bedroom door.

Avery was lying on the bed with her eyes open, but there was no luster in her eyes, as if she had lost her soul.

Mike went to the bed and reached out and touched her forehead.

Avery pushed his hand away and wanted him out.

“Your son stayed up all night last night, and found an important clue!” Mike’s mouth rose and told her the news.

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  1. MORE CHAPTERS!!!! We can’t keep being left with cliff hanger’s 😠😠😤. Disappointed that we went from at least 10 chapters to just 5-6 a day now. I wish I would have never started this novel 🥺🥺

    1. Anais, yes always left with a cliff hanger.. come on over to Facebook and join the group Elliott and Avery chat comments. We’re discussing the novel.

    2. I to regret starting this novel!!! They do not give us many chapters to read in a day frustrating!! When I started I read 1400+ chapters non stop & really enjoyed reading non stop! but all of a sudden will be updated daily! What a bummer so I have decided to stop reading

      1. I agree they wont have any readers left to finish with. I thought around chapter 1800 this book would finish. I dont want a serial, i want and ending as well!

  2. Thank you for more pages. It’s hard where these end. I stay faithful to this site but would really appreciate if the chapters/ pages could at least bump up to 10 a day. I know it’s hard work. But I also know you can do it. You were giving us so much more for a couple weeks. I do thank you. But really wish a few more could be done

  3. I wonder if the translator gets the PayPal money he asks for at the end of each day? If so is there an amount he would accept to go ahead and get this book done. We could all chip in like paying OT pay. I know we have asked him to translate more. Maybe a reward would help.

    1. You can’t. Because it’s not written yet. The original novel in Chinese is still being written and is not yet finished.

  4. Mike should really post the video of Norah and billy. I feel that the criminal gang was being operated by travis and his girl friend and that one member of the gang got in touch with travis after Norah and helped travis and his girl friend in taking Elliot away. Looks like Rebecca was also killed by them. And since Elliot had eliminated that criminal gang so they are after him.

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