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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2029 by

Chapter 2029

Probably when Avery was at the airport, she spent too much physical strength. Now she is cold and tired, and her mind is dizzy almost.

She wanted to rescue Elliot as soon as possible, even if she lost her life.

But there was no evidence, and she didn’t know where Elliot was hiding, she couldn’t move an inch. She doesn’t know how long it took.

Her cell phone rang suddenly, She picked up the phone dumbly and answered the call.

“Avery, I heard that you were stabbed by my elder brother. Are you alright? My dad called me to the old house in the evening, and I’m only returning home now.” Emilio always wanted to call her to ask, but he couldn’t find it in the old house.

“It’s not so much that your elder brother stabbed me, it’s better that your dad wants to kill me.” Avery’s voice was cold.

“I know. Margaret chatted with me tonight, teased me, and made me pay attention to Norah. Said that my dad was full of praise for Norah and praised her for being smart and capable… I don’t quite understand, This Norah, how did she subdue my dad? You should know Norah better, right?” Emilio asked.

Avery was in a fierce mood, and accidentally touched the mute button with her finger.

“I do know Norah better. She’s ambitious, sinister and vicious. She couldn’t court Elliot, so she wanted to kill him and also wanted to kill me even more, swallow Tate Industries in one fell swoop, and become the big boss of Tate Industries. Elliot almost died in Yonroeville, she planned it!”

Avery said, the pain of tearing again came from the wound.

She spoke too hard just now, and her abdominal injury was involved.

She stopped and exhaled in pain.

“Avery…Why don’t you talk? Did I disturb your rest? It’s really late now, or I’ll find you tomorrow and talk to you face to face.” Emilio’s voice was clear.

It was heard that Avery’s body seemed to be enchanted by someone, and the whole person froze.

But her brain was running at high speed.

What a familiar bridge!

She spoke to Emilio so loudly just now, but Emilio didn’t hear it!

She immediately took the mobile phone in front of her and checked the phone call interface. She saw that her mute button was on. She accidentally pressed mute.

She took a sharp breath, continued to speak loudly, and shouted as if asking for evidence: “Emilio! Emilio! Can you hear me?!”

Emilio: “Avery, why are you so quiet all of a sudden? Did I say that Norah made you unhappy? I didn’t mean to mention her… I know the relationship between the two of you is not good. If you don’t want to mention her, then I won’t talk about her in front of you in the future. “

Emilio obviously didn’t hear the last sentence she said.

Avery’s tears rustled and dripped on the screen. With trembling fingers, she pressed the mute button, and the mute was canceled instantly.

Emilio heard her sobbing.

“Avery? What’s wrong with you? Which sentence did I say wrong? Don’t cry!” Emilio was confused and panicked.

Avery held the phone and couldn’t stop crying: “I just accidentally pressed mute button…”

“Oh… No wonder I couldn’t hear your voice just now, so it was. When Emilio said this, he was even more puzzled, “Then why are you crying?”

“I was wrong, I blamed Elliot…” Avery cried out of breath, her voice was intermittent and fragmented, “I misunderstood him before… I hated him so much before, I blamed him, scolded him… I even broke up with him… He explained to me that I didn’t listen, I only believed in myself, I didn’t believe in him…”

“Avery, what are you talking about?” Emilio was confused by her thoughtless words.

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