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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2028 by

Chapter 2028

“It is not cooperation.” Travis corrected her, “It is you who do things for me. If you do things well, I have a reward. If you screw things up, whoever wants to kill you in the future, ask yourself for more blessings.”

Norah swallowed her breath, her heart skipping a beat, and she was speechless.

No wonder her mother left Travis at first.

Why doesn’t her mother weigh the pros and cons? It must be that staying by Travis’s side is more likely to encounter danger than gain.

“Why don’t you talk?” Travis looked at her sideways.

The flattery and flattery on Norah’s face disappeared. She looked so calm now that she couldn’t see what she was thinking.

“Travis, I did set a trap to kill Elliot and Avery, but Avery didn’t die. If you didn’t take Elliot from that basement, Elliot and Avery would be rescued together. If I told Avery that it was you who was taking Elliot away, do you think Avery will only trouble me alone?”

Norah couldn’t say ‘Dad’.

“Are you threatening me?” Travis narrowed his eagle eyes, shocking her.

“Do you know the Dream Makers Group?” Norah looked at his wrinkled old face and said word for word, “The Dream Makers Group was created by Avery. You are in Bridgedale now and don’t think that you are better than Avery. Underestimating the enemy will only make you die faster. Wanda’s death is not an accident. Wanda died in Avery’s hands. The day Wanda died happened to be Avery’s mother’s death day.”

Travis listened Norah words very carefully.

“Now Elliot is in your hands, although I don’t know if Elliot is dead or alive, but looking at you, you definitely don’t want to give Elliot back to Avery. If Avery counts the day she lost Elliot as the anniversary of his death, guess what? Will your death date be today, next year or the year after?” Norah made her threat even more weighty.

How could Travis not be afraid at all?

He has been looking for ways to stay young and live longer, precisely because he didn’t enjoy it enough!

Moreover, Travis didn’t know that the boss of the Dream Makers Group was Avery.

“Are you sure that the boss of the Dream Makers Group is Avery?” Travis asked in a low voice.

“Sure.” In fact, Norah wasn’t sure at all.

She only determined that Avery had a close relationship with the Dream Makers Group. Even if Avery was not the boss, then the boss must be Mike by her side.

The two of them have such a good relationship that they eat and live together, and Mike’s things are equivalent to Avery’s things.

Travis’s spirit diminished and he began to think about what to do next.

If Avery is really the boss of the Dream Makers Group, then it would be a pity to kill her…

Travis brought Norah back to Jones’s house. At this time, Margaret and Emilio were sitting idle in the living room.

Seeing the two of them coming back, Emilio immediately stood up from the sofa.

“Dad, it’s very late, I should go back to rest.” Emilio didn’t want to stay here, but Travis asked him to wait here for Norah to come and meet.

Emilio was not at all interested in this extra sister.

In addition to the indifferent relationship between the Jones family brothers and sisters, it was also because Emilio knew that Avery and Norah were at odds.

“This is your sister, Norah. She will stay in Bridgedale for a while.” Travis introduced Emilio directly as if he didn’t hear his son’s words.

Emilio looked at Norah and said coldly, “Sister, aren’t you tired yet? We will have more time to meet in the future. If you want to see me, you can contact me at any time.”

Norah nodded, not taking this younger brother seriously.

The Jones family’s children are all trash. Norah looked down on them.

Avery returned home, and after treating the wound, lay on the bed, staring at the ceiling in a daze.

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