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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2026 by

Chapter 2026

“Ms. Tate, what a coincidence? Are you also coming to the airport to pick up someone?” Travis’s voice suddenly came from behind.

Everyone turned back and saw Travis came with a large team of bodyguards.

“Mr. Jones, why you brought so many bodyguards to the airport? Are there any gangsters at the airport?” Mike sneered.

Travis smiled and said, “There are many people at the airport. When I go to places with a lot of people, I always bring a lot of bodyguards.” Travis glanced at the bodyguards they brought, “Mike, you also brought a lot of bodyguards!”

During their conversation, Norah stood in front of Travis and shouted in a low voice, “Dad, thank you for coming to pick me up.”

Travis gave his next man a look, who immediately took Norah’s suitcase over.

Travis held Norah’s hand: “You are my daughter, why is it so hard to come to pick you up?”

Avery listened to their words, and felt like she was stabbed hard in her heart!

Norah was taken away by Travis like this, Avery was not reconciled. She broke through her reason and rushed up to hold Norah’s arm tightly and asked angrily, “Where is Elliot? Where is he?”

Avery’s hysterical cry exceeded everyone’s expectations. She was slender and had a wound in her abdomen. But she dragged Norah out of Travis’s protection range!

Seeing this, the Jones family bodyguards rushed over to bring Norah back.

However, the bodyguards brought by Avery blocked the Jones family bodyguards.

The two forces confronted each other, and the atmosphere at the scene was like an arrow on the string, and it was about to explode.

Travis immediately stopped his bodyguards: “What are you doing? Ms. Tate must have misunderstood. This is the airport, and Ms. Tate will definitely not mess around.”

Out of the corner of Norah’s eyes, she saw the Jones family bodyguards returning to her father and she panicked…

“Avery! I don’t understand what you’re talking about! I don’t know where Elliot is. If I knew where he was, I would have rescued him long ago!” Norah said and denied it.

“Norah, I thought you would have the courage to admit it if you had the guts to do it. It was I who looked down on you.” Mike walked up to the two of them, stared at Norah’s face, and scolded, “Avery and Elliot were arrested in Yonroeville. You did everything by cheating into the basement!”

“It wasn’t me.” Norah screamed in horror, “Did Katalina tell you?! She hates me, so she deliberately poured dirty water on me. She cut ties with her family, and she blamed it all on me, I can’t believe what she says!”

Norah continued, “Avery, you are in Bridgedale, so you may not know what’s going on in the country. Your daughter’s head teacher is my cousin. My cousin sees that I’m doing better now, and my aunt has been criticizing her for being ignorant and inferior to me, so she holds a grudge against me…”

Norah’s explanation resounded throughout the airport hall. Many people looked their way. For Norah, the more people she attracts now, the safer it is for her.

What if Avery knew that she did what happened in Yonroeville.

Avery has no evidence, so she can’t do anything to her.

Furthermore, in the presence of Travis, Avery didn’t look at the monk’s face and looked at the Buddha’s face, so she didn’t dare to mess around no matter what.

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