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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2023 by

Chapter 2023

Katalina readily agreed to Layla’s invitation.

Layla: “Teacher Larson, why don’t you come to my house? I didn’t treat you well during my last home visit!”

Katalina: “Will it be bad?”

Layla: “Teacher Larson, you can come! Uncle Aqi is resting today, and it is not convenient for me to go out. My mother said that if I go out, I must let Uncle Aqi follow me.”

Katalina: “Is there only one bodyguard, Aqi, in your family?”

Layla: “Of course not! But I have the best relationship with Uncle Aqi. If it wasn’t for Uncle Aqi to protect me, I wouldn’t like to go out.”

“Okay! Then I’ll find you.” Katalina was very honored to be invited by Layla.

An hour later, Katalina came to the community where Foster’s family was with a bag of fruit.

Aqi picked her up at the gate of the community.

Katalina was stunned when she saw Aqi: “Didn’t Layla say you are resting today?”

“Yeah. After Layla invited you, she called me to entertain you.” Aqi said, and brought the fruit in her hand.

Katalina: “Will this bother you too much? If Layla is not free today, I can go back.”

“It’s all here, let’s play for a while and then go!” Aqi strode ahead and led the way.

Katalina quickened her pace and followed him.

“Aqi, can you wait for me?” Katalina was sweating on her back as she walked.

Aqi stopped and looked back at her, frowning slightly: “How about… I’ll carry you?”

Katalina: “…”

“Or wait here and I’ll drive to pick you up?” Aqi walked faster, so he forgot about Katalina’s poor physical strength.

Katalina shook her head sharply, her face flushed: “You just need to walk a little slower. This weekend, there is nothing urgent, so you don’t have to walk so fast.”

“Layla wants you to continue tutoring her with her homework. She pays you. Think of a price first!” Aqi slowed down. “Layla wants to help you, so you can pay a higher price.”

Katalina’s calm mood was instantly impacted after hearing Aqi’s words.

Her nose was sour, and her eyes were wet.

“She knows that your parents are asking you for money, and she insists on helping you.” Aqi looked at the tears in her eyes and was a little overwhelmed, “Layla has always been so kind, you met her, Good luck to you.”

Katalina turned around and wiped the tears from her face with both hands.

“You don’t have to be so moved. Your parents asked you for 10 million, but Layla couldn’t give you 10 million.” Aqi was a little stunned by her crying.

“Aqi, I feel so bad.” Katalina couldn’t hold back her tears, so she turned around and looked at Aqi, “Layla treats me better than my parents and cousin, but I hide this things from you.”

The bewilderment on Aqi’s face turned into a thick frost. He gritted his teeth, waiting for her to continue.

“Avery and Elliot had an accident in Yonroeville… I suspect my cousin did it. I went to her house as a guest at the time, she was talking on the phone in the bedroom, and I heard her talking to others… .. She wants to fish out a person, help that person leave Yonroeville, and at the same time she wants that person to do things for her… At first I wasn’t sure it was her, but the time matched. And after that, my cousin mentioned Elliot in front of me a few times… She told me for sure that Elliot was dead. She hated Elliot and Avery… So this matter, She must have done it.”

After Katalina said the statement that she was holding in her heart, her whole body became lighter.

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