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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2019 by

Chapter 2019

“If you want to stay in Aryadelle to teach, then you continue to teach here. I and your father will not force you But you can’t mess around with important matters in your life.” Laurel compromised, “Of course, you and Avery are not related to each other, so you can’t understand it clearly! If you harm your cousin, it will become curse to our family.”

“Let’s go!” Katalina didn’t want to hear their threats and curses, “If you don’t leave, I’ll call Avery right away!”

Katalina took her husband away immediately.


At four o’clock in the afternoon, Avery came to the hospital to visit Caleb.

Avery pushed open the door of the ward and met Caleb’s gaze.

“Miss Tate, I have something to tell you alone.” Caleb was lying on the hospital bed and said calmly, “I have figured out the transaction you mentioned.”

Avery glanced at the bodyguard beside her and asked him to wait outside the door.

The bodyguard walked out the door and closed the door of the ward.

“Young Master Jones, tell me!” Avery walked to the bedside and stood still, waiting for him to decide.

Caleb’s eyes fixed on Avery’s face, and he said slowly, “Miss Tate, my waist is a little sore. Please help me put the quilt behind my waist!”

Avery can naturally help him with this small request.

She held the quilt at the end of the bed to his side, trying to lift his body up a bit, but only when her hand touched his body, she felt something sharp against her waist.

She lowered her eyes in astonishment and saw Caleb’s hand holding a sharp dagger.

The dagger pressed against her waist, as if to say, as long as you move again, I will kill you at any time!

Avery was a little surprised, but not so surprised.

“Caleb, I have no grievances with you…” Avery’s heart beat faster, but she wasn’t so scared.

“Avery, you have offended someone.” Caleb stabbed the dagger into her light clothes.

She felt pain.

“Who did I offend?” Avery had already guessed that it was not Caleb who wanted to take her life, but… Travis.

Because it wasn’t Caleb who invited her to heal, it was Travis.

And what Travis did, just confirmed that Elliot was in his hands!

At noon, she deliberately told Travis that she already had some clues, and now Travis couldn’t wait to kill her.

Caleb: “You know who you have offended! Miss Tate, I have no choice but to kill you right now.”

After Caleb’s voice was settled, Avery exclaimed: “Ahao Help!….Help me Aqi…”

Outside the ward, the bodyguard heard Avery’s cry for help, and immediately kicked the ward door and rushed in!

50 thoughts on “When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2019 by”

    1. I want to see if Avery suffered any injury 😫 That was a close call. Why would she trust somone who mentality sick.

    2. Damn he just stabbed Avery. Writers come on we want Elliott, Avery and Haze found and back together and in Arydale raising the kids together under one house and Hayden needs to let that hate for Elliott it was Avery putting all that crap in the kids heads and get rid of those toxic friends my gosh they need to just be gone.

      1. You said exactly what I said she cause all this trouble Elliot wouldn’t be missing if it wasn’t for her doing crazy stuff he wanted to take the bodyguard she called him a scary cat then he changed his mind she’s always is the problem before he met her he was tough after being with her and around her friends the belittle him so much he became soft I don’t understand why love makes you do crazy things

  1. I think Hayden will come after Travis to, just like he killed Christian in yonroville, no one messes with his mom
    . he is going to avenge this and finally find his dad.

      1. Yep. That’s not the first time for Elliott Avery put her life on the line any time. She will find him now that she know who has him.

  2. She said she wasn’t surprised by what Caleb was doing. I think she knew Travis called her there for a purpose.. I don’t understand the hold Travis has on Caleb. He had him beaten up and caused the car accident. Caleb knows he did it, why wouldn’t he just secretly work with Avery. That’s the part I don’t get. 🤔

    1. Torah Observant

      Travis may have made a deal with Caleb. Ms. Gomez is able to cure him as well. Avery had mentioned that, but she pretended her hands were shaking. Emilio never heard of it.

      1. I just hope it happens soon we’ve been without Elliott long enough and we need to find Haze and solve that mystery this has carried on too long.

  3. Thank you for the pages. And to the author thank you for avery having her bodyguard with her. I also hope you protect katalina

    1. I’m guessing it was a mistake with Laylas body guards name? Maybe Laylas is actually Elliot’s body guard???? Because Aqi is married…. Avery just bought his wife a car. Whereas Elliot’s bodyguard if I remember correctly isn’t and had a colder attitude towards marriage/relationships. Maybe when it got translated from the Chinese version the names got mixed up… 🤷🏼‍♀️

  4. Caleb is a fool he doesn’t know that he’s just a pond in his father’s hand. Travis wants Caleb dead and he knows that if Caleb kills Avery he’ll be sentenced to death, but Caleb can’t reason that for half a year he’s been bedridden and Margaret has been with his father and knows his condition why didn’t she treat him. If he was wise he would’ve pretended and work with Avery. Maybe he thinks his father has changed his mind towards him, or doesn’t he know that his father has been the one who caused the death of his siblings? He wants to appease his father by killing Avery.

    Katalina spitting out what Norah did her life might be in danger, Norah might kidnap her. Norah is another Chelsea.

  5. Catalina should marry Layla’s bodyguard.
    That way she secures protection from evil Norah. I want her to tell Avery so they can fires her from the Tate company!

  6. There should be a rule that if Elliott died, the gamble agreement that Nola signed would be cancelled and she would be fired from Tate Industries.

    1. You remember Ben told her after the 3yrs If she didn’t fulfill the agreement the contract is nolonger valid. Plus Elliott had assured Avery that their agreement is all most impossible for her to fulfill. So let’s see! Katline could help Avery by revealing what she heard from Norah that would void the agreement.

      1. Maybe another thing in the contract is that Avery also has to die, I mean that would explain why they left her in the basement.

  7. So we have Travis and Norah that both looking like they were involved in the basement not to mention Travis wife. I don’t know what the hell is going on. And I still have no idea why they would want Elliott.

    1. Yes, they are all apart of the basement scheme. They where hoping Avery would die. Then Norah could marry Elliot for his money. But because Avery Survived plan changed.

      1. I don’t think it is for marriage I think she wants the company. You can’t make someone get married and he would never leave Avery and the kids

    2. Deb I. Think they want Elliott to mary Catalina. I think that was they guy they arranged for her to marry but Avery didn’t die so she is in the way. They need to kill her. Not sure but i think that was the direction it was heading.

  8. Thank you for your translation. I do not know if anyone agrees or not but this novel is getting boring and disjointed. Its like the author does not know how to resolve issues and so his/her literary writings just keep adding unnecessary characters and story lines. People from the beginning like Elliott, Layla,Robert Cole, Henry Ben Shea and Adrian seem to have disappeared and out of the blue we now have Travis’ family wrecking havoc. Why introduce more ridiculous and dysfunctional characters to create issues while putting the original characters on the backburner. To me the story no longer has a flow. The author is creating discord and then backpeddaling to create a storyline connection for the sake of prolonging this sad saga which is no longer a romance but a psychological nightmare.

    1. Deb I. Think they want Elliott to mary Catalina. I think that was they guy they arranged for her to marry but Avery didn’t die so she is in the way. They need to kill her. Not sure but i think that was the direction it was heading. Crazy story.

  9. Patti LaSalle Wold

    I think they have Elliot to be a sperm donor for Travis’s wife to be. They need someone with a brain to run the legacy and they know that Hayden is surpassing Elliot. Margaret will have to have a son being Travis won’t recognize daughters, if he did, the evil Norah could do it! Travis promised Norah’s mother that he would take care of getting Avery out of the way, therefore he has Caleb taking care of it, or trying to.
    I’m getting tired of this little bit at a time story!

  10. At least Avery knows who has Elliot! I miss him a lot, these last chapters of Avery looking for him have been very boring 🥱 I want him to be back and see them in love as they used to be. Haze needs to appear as well, we cant forget about her.
    And I need to say that this storyline about the Jones family is just unnecessary, I dont care about their family issues but I guess that is linked to the reason why they kinapped Elliot. Will be back in 5 days ✌🏽

  11. So how will they explain Avery being killed by Caleb, mental insanity or what, and with her bodyguard around……if only they knew the ones behind dream cars….they won’t act so tough.
    Now Avery lived in bridgedale for a while, how there was never a mention of this travis and his family….. writer just goes round and round. I bet Haze’s where about is known to these weirdo family

  12. since they have attacked avery, now jones are breathing their last breaths ,cuz haiden will kill them all.. now it’s time for the end of jones era

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