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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2016 by

Chapter 2016


Norah has been restless these days and can’t do anything to lift her spirits. Since her mother told her that Travis was her biological father, she felt her beliefs collapsed and began to doubt herself.

Along the way, if Travis hadn’t helped her secretly, she would never have achieved what she is now.

She used to mock Avery privately for being a woman who relies on men, but now, what’s the difference between her and Avery?

“Ms. Jones, have you encountered any troubles?” The assistant asked carefully when she saw that she was gloomy.

Norah picked up the coffee cup and took a sip.

“If one day your mother tells you that you are not your father’s biological child, and that your father is someone else, what would you do?” Norah confided, “The premise is that your father has always been kind to you, and He doesn’t know that you’re not his biological daughter.”

The assistant was stunned for a moment, then looked tangled and contradicted: “This is too bloody! I’ve only seen such a situation in TV dramas. Ms. Jones, if this happened it on me, I will definitely feel bad…because my father loves me very much. I think the relationship between people. Blood is only a factor, what affects the relationship between people, the more important thing is the day after tomorrow “

“What I said just now is what I am experiencing now.” Norah pulled out a mocking smile, “I am not afraid that you will laugh at me, I always thought my mother was a virtuous housewife. Since then, my mother has never gone to work. Occasionally, I go to work because it is so boring at home. My father has always supported our family.”

The assistant: “Ms. Jones, why would I laugh at you? You can’t control this kind of thing. In fact, you don’t need to be too sad. If you don’t like your biological father, then don’t pay attention to him.

“Is your father rich?” Norah asked the core question that troubled him, “One is rich but has no feelings, and the other has no money but has feelings.”

“Then have both! As long as your original father doesn’t money then it’s fine.” The assistant started thinking, “Ms. Jones, how rich is your biological father? If he is willing to recognize you, you can agree. Why do you have to deal with money?”

Norah: “He has many children and he didn’t want to recognize me that much. He already knew my existence and helped me secretly. But he never came to see me…”

The assistant took a breath and asked curiously: “Ms. Jones, who is your biological father? As you said he is very rich, he must be very rich…”

“He doesn’t recognize me, what’s the point of knowing his name?” Norah Putting her head on her hands, she was a little troubled, “I’m probably thinking of it. Today, I want my biological father to help me complete the gambling agreement I signed with Foster, so that I can win the Tate Industries.”

“Ms. Jones, I think your idea is very good. Even if you don’t go to him as a daughter, you can go to him and talk about your ideas. As long as the benefits you give are big enough, I’m not afraid that he won’t be moved.” The assistant gave Norah a message idea.

Norah: “Do you think I haven’t thought about it? I just can’t hold my face… He knows that I’m his daughter, but he has never come to see me for so many years. I’m very chilled.”

“Ms. Jones, You also said that he has many children. In a wealthy family, children compete with each other to please their parents. You don’t have to be embarrassed, as long as this matter is beneficial to you, it is not shabby to be embarrassed. You are better than your biological father’s other children, and your biological father will naturally treat you differently.” The assistant enlightened.

After Norah was relieved, he felt much more at ease.


Norah received a call from her uncle.

“Norah, are you free this evening? I’m here with your aunt, and you’re there with Katalina now. If you have nothing else to do at night, let’s have a meal together!” Katalina’s father, Lincoln Larson said.

“Okay, I’ll book a hotel, and I’ll treat you in the evening.” Norah said enthusiastically.

Lincoln: “Hey, it would be nice if you were half sensible.”

“Uncle, don’t be angry yet. However, she haven’t married that bodyguard yet! It’s still too late. But don’t be so tough with your auntie. ” Norah said, “Of course, she is no longer a child. It’s useless for you to threaten her.”

Lincoln: “I’ll listen to you.”

In the evening.

Primary School.

Katalina was arranging the documents on the desktop in the office, and she didn’t want to get off work for a long time.

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  1. I don’t understand now. Aqi is with Avery. He is married and Avery just bought him a new car.
    But now Aqi is also with Layla and likes the teacher? Did I miss something?

    1. Delaney,
      The author is just confusing the names of the bodyguards, we know Aqi is Elliot’s bodyguard that has been taking care of Layla as Avery’s bodyguard we’ve never heard his name or maybe they are both named Aqi who knows.

      1. The translator is confusing the names. The author is using Chinese names. Translator is not keeping his names he gave them straight.

  2. I think Aqi is with Layla he has been Elliotts body guard for years. Mike got Avery the body guard that protects Avery sometimes the writers even confuse themselves.

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