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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2013 by

Chapter 2013

“But I still can’t figure it out… If what you said is true, why did your dad come to beg me to cure your elder brother?” Avery murmured, “Do you regret the initial atrocity?”

“You think too much. There is no word regret in my dad’s dictionary. I don’t know why he asked you to save my elder brother, but it must not be what you think.” Emilio said firmly.

Avery looked at Emilio’s face and was fascinated.

“If you keep looking at me and don’t eat, my bodyguard will be suspicious.” Emilio reminded her in a low voice, “If you want to continue the investigation, you’d better not be angry.”

Emilio reminded her to let her Avery immediately recovered.

She gave Emilio a smile, then picked up the chopsticks and started to eat.

Avery: “After hearing you say so much, it feels like your life is not easy! If you make a mistake one day, will your dad treat you like your elder brother?”

Emilio: “Yes.”

“Your dad should be cautious. Think about it? You are his last son. If you are tossed away, who will his family property be left to in the future? Didn’t you say that he prefers sons to daughters?”

“He’s not the kind of person who cares about things after death. Maybe he will squander his property as much as possible before he dies.” Emilio shrugged, “But as long as I don’t make mistakes, he won’t touch me either. At least he hasn’t looked for me in the years I went back to Jones’s house. To me, he can be regarded as a kind father.”

“That’s good, so when you find a girlfriend in the future, you must first inquire clearly to see if the other party has any relationship with your father before.” Avery reminded kindly.

Emilio: “Hahaha…I’m not interested in women.”

Avery was stunned: “You, do you like men?”

“How can you make up your mind so much? I don’t like women and also don’t like men. Born in such a family, it’s not bad that I’m not tired of the world. If I change to someone with less mental capacity, I’m afraid I’ll go crazy early.” Emilio said, the food on his plate has been swept away.

Avery felt a little embarrassed about this topic, so she changed the topic: “You have such a good appetite.”

“The food here is really good. Maybe I’m too hungry. Can you tell me in advance when you ask me for help next time? When Emilio said this, he yawned, “I’m going back to catch up on sleep.”

“Well, let’s go! If I have any questions I don’t understand in the future, I’ll ask you again.” Avery saw him getting more and more pleasing to the eye.

Probably the more she knows about his family, the more pitiful she feels.

Or maybe it was because Emilio said that he was not interested in women, so he let go of his guard.

“Avery, although I’m not interested in women, my mother keeps forcing me to start a family. So I should still find a woman to start a family. I think you’re good… First of all, you have nothing to do with my father, this is greatly reduced my troubles…”

“Shut up!” Avery’s affection for him disappeared in an instant.

“Hahaha! Then I’m leaving!” After Emilio turned around, his bodyguards immediately followed.

Seeing them disappear in front of her eyes, Avery was always uneasy.

“Boss, what are you talking about with him, I see you being happy for a while and frowning…” The bodyguard sat down in Emilio’s place.

“Nothing to talk about.” Avery took chopsticks and dialed it unconsciously on the plate.

Avery was thinking why Travis wanted to find herself to treat Caleb.

What kind of medicine is in Travis’s gourd?

After a while, her cell phone rang.

It was Travis who called.

25 thoughts on “When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2013 by”

    1. I’m thinking his dad wants her to give him one to replace his prodigy son because he mentioned Hayden being smart and did the Gomez woman say she shoul have left Avery in the basement?

    1. @ Tammy
      But Elliot’s sperm can’t make a second Hayden. Avery is the genius and research shows that a child’s intelligence comes from the mother’s genes. Margaret must know that. Also, a genius child is not definite. Elliot and Avery have 4 children and only Hayden is a genius. This will be a very difficult story line if the writer wants to take this road with this novel.

  1. Avery will find Elliott, they made up, live happily for a few days/weeks, then another set of characters came to disrupt the family, never ending.. I love the start of the story that’s why I started reading this novel, but the author keeps dragging the book, But thanks for the translator, I appreciate your effort

  2. Margaret and Travis have Elliot, I think they are looking for a way to trap Avery so they can take the sperm from Elliot and the egg from Avery to have a child like Hayden. I’m just thinking that Travis isn’t particular about Avery treating his son. But how to kidnap her.
    Remember chapter 2009 Margaret said she has trump card in her hand.

  3. The Gomez lady did say she should not have left her in the basement thinking she would die. And Travis knows

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