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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2008 by

Chapter 2008

Avery saw that Margaret’s face became dark blue, and her eyes became cold and fierce, as if she could blast herself out in the next second.

“Ms. Gomez, the reason why I raised this doubt is because I went to see Caleb yesterday.” Avery was anxious, and explained, “After Caleb saw me, he hated me very much. With felt disgusting I left from him.”

“When people encounter this kind of blow, their temperament is easy to change. I heard his father say that he used to be more stable and sensible than Emilio. Now it’s like this, it’s a pity.” Margaret said, and then she changed the conversation, “I thought that I would treat him, but now I have more than enough strength.”

Avery was puzzled.

“My hands…have been shaking uncontrollably for the past two years…it used to be only a slight tremor, but the impact was not very big. Recently, it was probably overworked, so the tremors became more and more serious. You are still young, and you may not understand that an elderly person like us may wake up one day and find that there is a new problem with your body.” Margaret raised her right hand and glanced.

Avery immediately said with embarrassment: “I’m sorry, I didn’t know there was something wrong with your hand. I came here today mainly to visit you. I promised to treat Caleb yesterday, so I won’t regret it.”

“You come to see me. Are you here to ask me for guilt?” Margaret raised her brows and teased, “Travis came back yesterday and asked me if I had slapped you before… You really hold a lot of revenge! If it wasn’t for you to mention it, I would have forgotten about it.”

“Ms. Gomez, if I was so upset because of the slap that you slapped me in the first place, I would have gone to you for revenge, why should I wait until now?” Avery continued in a calm tone, “Every time my mentor mentioned you before his death, it was always a compliment. I naturally won’t be angry with you because of this trivial matter.”

Margaret heard the word ‘mentor’, and the expression on her face suddenly turned cold.

Margaret: “Don’t mention that dead man in front of me again and again!”

Avery: “Although my mentor is dead but he will always live in my heart.”

“He is just a sc*mbag! You worship him so much, don’t you know his true colors?” Margaret glanced at the diamond ring on the ring finger of her right hand, and said, “He accepted my confession on the front foot, and married another woman on the back foot.”

Avery was stunned: “What you said is true?”

“Otherwise, why did he not dare to see me? Because he did not dare to face me!” Margaret said more and more angrily, “I, Margaret, have always been open and upright, and I’m definitely not someone who can’t get involved with others, but Professor Hough…he owes me an explanation! I have an opinion! I call him a sc*mbag, right?!”

“If what you said is true, then Professor Hough must have something to hide.” Avery was reluctant to accept that her teacher was a sc*mbag.

From her contact with Professor Hough to the sudden death of Professor Hough, she has always respected him very much in the whole process of getting along.

Avery: “Even if he has something to hide, it’s a fact that he hurt me! I just want an explanation but he doesn’t explain it to me, and he doesn’t make it clear to others, so that others think it’s me. Ms. Gomez, who is entangled with him! Who is he? You don’t pretend to be a gentleman in front of you, but with me, even if he jumps into the Yellow River, he can’t clear the fact that he is a sc*mbag! Ms. Gomez, Professor Hough died of a sudden illness. If he didn’t die, maybe he would explain to you…”

“Avery, you are exactly the same as your teacher, it’s disgusting!” Margaret’s mouth rose and she mocked, “If you don’t mention him, I can still talk to you. In the future, if you dare to come to me again and ask him, I will directly ask the Jones family’s bodyguard to throw you out!”

Avery saw Margaret’s anger and her face burning, and immediately stood up from the sofa and strode away.

After Avery left, Travis walked downstairs.

Travis: “Margaret, why are you losing your temper so early in the morning? Who made you angry?”

Margaret stood up from the sofa and said with a charming face: “except Avery, who else would dare to be so presumptuous in front of me! If I knew earlier, I should have killed her directly in the basement. I didn’t expect her life to be so big, and she would be so arrogant. I can escape.”

Travis walked to Margaret’s side, wrapped his arms around her waist, and said dotingly, “It’s not that Avery has a big life. It can only be said that she has a good life and can give birth to such an excellent son. This point, I I really admire it.”

Margaret: “Hayden Tate is really good. But he is usually elusive, and I haven’t even found a single photo of his face until now.”

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