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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2002 by

Chapter 2002

Travis was stunned.

“Ms. Tate, I really don’t know what you said. If she doesn’t mention these old things, I can’t find out. “

Avery: “Well. It’s all little things.”

“It’s not a trivial matter, is it? Why did she hit you?” Travis’s tone seemed to be an injustice to Avery.

It has been many years since this incident, and Avery recalled that it was no longer painful.

Avery: “Ms. Gomez insisted on seeing my teacher, but my teacher didn’t want to see her. So I helped my teacher stop her and tried to persuade her to leave, but she called me a v!xen and slapped me. I’m not sure if she still Remember me, but I remember her deeply because of it.”

When Emilio told her Margaret Gomez’s name, Avery immediately thought of this woman.

“My son has studied under Professor Hough like you, so why doesn’t my son know about this?” Travis wondered, “When I brought Margaret to meet my children, it was the first time they saw Margaret. “

“Your son wasn’t in the laboratory at all. I haven’t seen him a few times.” Avery’s answer pierced Travis’s heart.

Travis said, “Margaret and I have known each other since early years, but we just nodded. Margaret never mentioned you in front of me. I think she just took her anger at Professor Hough on you. But her behavior is still wrong, and I apologize to you on her behalf.”

“No need. I didn’t take it to heart. Professor Hough said that she was fine except for her bad temper. I believe that Professor Hu will not see the wrong person.”

“Yes, it’s not that she has a bad temper, but that she has a weird temper. As long as she follows her temper, she can say anything.” Travis continued to defend his girlfriend, “We plan to have a simple wedding, I don’t know Ms. Tate. Will you be able to show your face then?”

“Okay!” Avery responded immediately.

After the coffee was finished, Avery followed Travis to his villa.

In order to facilitate chatting, Travis asked Avery to get into his car.

“Originally, Margaret also wanted to help treat Caleb’s illness, but she is now older and her energy is far less than you. Besides, we are planning to get married. Margaret values ​​this wedding very much.” Travis explained to Avery.

Avery: “Well. Mr. Jones, I heard that you are still working normally now. I really admire you for having such a good body.”

“Haha, that’s just an outside rumor! I’m old now and I only work two or three hours a day. The main affairs of the company have been handed over to my children and professional managers.” Travis said truthfully, “Ms. Tate, What’s the situation of your ex-husband now?”

Avery didn’t expect that Travis would take the initiative to ask.

Avery: “I got an anonymous courier last night with two pictures in it. It said my ex-husband was dead.”

“Oh…that’s a pity! Elliot is a famous business genius, and I’m really jealous!” Travis sighed regretfully, “But I heard that you and him divorced before and it was very unpleasant.”

“Well, Mr. Jones, I heard that you have had many marriages. When each term ends, did you break up peacefully?”

Travis shook his head: “Most of them break up peacefully. Because most women marry me for my money. As long as I give enough money, they naturally have no complaints. But there are also a few women who are more difficult… There is a big disadvantage, that is, it is easy to like the new and dislike the old. Sometimes I know that some women don’t want my money, but once I don’t love them, I can’t continue to live with them.”

Avery didn’t answer.

They were completely different people, and she was afraid of angering him by her words.

Before finding Elliot’s clues, she had to endure.

“You seem to have several children. Now that your ex-husband has passed away, your children will be raised by you.” Seeing that Avery didn’t answer, Travis continued to return to the previous topic.

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