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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2001 by

Chapter 2001

“Hello, Mr. Jones.” Avery said hello to Travis.

“Miss Tate, I have admired your name for a long time, and I finally saw you today.” Travis sat down in the seat opposite her, “I asked you out today because I have something to ask for.”

Avery: “Okay! say it.”

“My eldest son Caleb Jones injured his head in a car accident half a year ago. I have been to many experts, but he couldn’t cure it. Someone recommended you to me… I wanted to contact you a while ago, but you returned to Aryadelle.”

When Travis said this, Avery nodded: “Did you bring your son’s medical records? I have to look at his medical records before I can answer your question. Not all brain diseases can be cured.”

Travis did not expect Avery to be so friendly and easygoing. He immediately asked his assistant to hand over the medical records to Avery.

Avery took the medical records and asked, “Is your son at home now or in the hospital?”

Travis: “At home. Staying in the hospital is just basic care.”

Avery: “Well.”

Avery took out Caleb’s brain film from the bag and looked at it carefully.

After Travis ordered a cup of coffee, he began to look at Avery.

“Miss Tate, I heard about the grudge between you and Wanda a few days ago…”

Avery watched the film intently and replied to Travis’s words: “Have you heard about me and Elliot?”

Everything about Wanda and Wanda has been settled, and Avery doesn’t want to waste her time on this matter.

Travis chuckled: “Why didn’t I hear about it? I heard about it when I came from the Tate Industries to open a new company in Bridgedale. It’s just that I’m in a different industry than you, so I don’t have an intersection…”

“Yeah. The last time you took a special plane to Yonroeville, at that time, Elliot and I had an accident in Yonroeville. Do you think it was a coincidence?” Avery looked at Travis’s face after watching the film, “If I was back then Died in Yonroeville, now there is no way to treat your eldest son.”

Travis didn’t know how to take her words.

Her words did not sound painful or itchy, but they carried a strong pertinence.

“Ms. Tate is blessed with great luck, and there will be no accident.” Travis said politely, “Ms. Tate, can you help my son heal?”

“I can try it.” Avery agreed, “I won’t charge you until it’s cured.”

“How does this work? I invite other experts to treat the disease. No matter whether they can cure the disease or not, the money will be taken.” Travis calmly said, “Miss Tate, please make a price! I know my second son, Emilio is your classmate, so I can’t take advantage of you.”

“This is my rule.” Avery said, “Mr. Jones, take me to meet your eldest son later! I’ll check his condition.”

Travis: “Okay. I’ll take you after coffee.”

The two chatted here, and everything was very harmonious and smooth.

The waiter brought the coffee that Avery ordered.

Avery took a sip of coffee and asked, “Mr. Jones, I heard that you and Margaret Gomez were in a relationship recently. Why didn’t you ask Ms. Gomez to help your son heal?”

The expression on Travis’s face stiffened for a few seconds, and then he laughed: “Miss Tate, you’re really well informed.”

“Mr. Jones, you have won the award. It’s not that I am well-informed, but that you are in a relationship with Ms. Gomez, which is also quite high-profile. And Ms. Gomez is not an unknown junior… I am still a little familiar with her.” Avery looked at Travis deeply.

Travis has never seen any younger generation dare to look at him with such bold eyes.

Travis: “Miss Tate, listening to you, I’m afraid I don’t know her as well as you.”

“How is that possible? If you don’t investigate her clearly, how can you fall in love with her?” Avery lowered her eyes, looked at the coffee in the cup, and said casually, “Ms. Gomez is the junior of my mentor, Professor Professor Hough. I complimented her, saying that she is very talented, a rare medical genius.”

Travis listened quietly.

“Ms. Gomez is very obsessed with my teacher. But my teacher is a family man, so my teacher has always avoided her.” Avery pointed to her left face when she said this, “Ms. Gomez rewarded her at the beginning. I slapped.”

64 thoughts on “When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2001 by”

    1. Yeah, i feel like these past few chapters aren’t that important. What’s taking it too long to reveal Elliot’s whereabouts? Argghhh, The suspense is killing me!

    2. Thank you for more pages.
      Being that they have been limited again..I have kinda pulled away from this book. But will check back here and there. Just to see what new thing is happening. But not. Getting the story to a specific form. Just takes up to much time for so little in a day. Always appreciated your effort but it has gone backwards again. Thank you for your time and effort

    3. More chapters please!! At this rate the book will take a year. Noone has time for that. I wouldn’t mind donating if we would get way more Chapters than the bare minimum. I need to know how long this book is going to last?

      1. You can stop reading for a week and catch up in a day. I do wished that it wasn’t so drug out and we could read at our pace. Hoping Elliott is alive!

  1. These chapters are getting shorter and shorter the past 12 chapters have been equivalent to 1 chapter if that. It would take 3 of these chapters to make up a single page of a normal novel. Not only are they short but hold barely any relevant information. In the last 2 updates we’ve learnt that Katalina will continue to teach and Avery had lunch with Travis. The story line doesn’t revert back to the main characters enough for the novel to be able to do such few chapter updates daily. You lose the sense of connection you had with the main characters which makes you lose the reason for reading the book in the first place.
    In my opinion,
    There needs to be more updates more frequently or you may find it may lose alot of readers at this point.

  2. Omg. I don’t know if this story will end up to what chapter? shorter chapter as time goes by. Anyway thankyou for Always updating Author. Godbless you wholeheartedly. Hope this will end soon, with Elliot and Avery still in the end.

  3. Why are we being taken on another journey. We’ve completely gone off the track. One minute it’s full steam ahead looking for Elliot and now we are going to surgery to save a classmates brother. What about saving Elliot Avery? So much for your loving him. This is chapter 2001 when is this story gonna end? When it reaches 100001? C’mon author get it together.

  4. Has anyone noticed that in all that happened to Avery Eric didn’t show up? Where has he disappeared to? And what is he up to? Not even a visit to Layla.

      1. Eric He is an entertainer. He pop in the storyline every now and the. He’ not important right now. We need more storylines involving Elliot’s whereabouts. I want to see him alive.

  5. This is getting real boring nothing at all about my dear Elliot,we need to know something now,feel like this is going no where.Elliot is the main character and so many chapters have gone and nothing about him,why. Mr writer you have lost your touch. Come on man give us something. You may just loose your readers

  6. Its all connected to find Elliot. Maybe Travis knows something and saving his son life might help Avery finds Elliot

    1. I’m thinking of the same possibility. Travis took the plane to Yonroeville during the time Elliot and Avery were trapped in the basement. Avery suspects Travis is involved in the kidnapping. By treating Caleb, she would interact with Travis, this may lead some clues to Elliot’s disappearance.

      1. I don’t see how Travis, Nora and her mother have anything to do with Elliot escape. Still no reason they would want him since Nora put them in there. Just can’t see where this is going

      2. Travis took Elliot with the hope that Avery would have died in the basement. He is using Caleb his son to distract Avery from finding Elliott. He is helping Nora is daughter. Without her knowing he is involved. He need Elliott to marry her. He has no accomplished heir for his inheritance.

    2. I dont think travis called avery to save his son. He called avery to see how he can plan her accident so that her daughter norah can have tate industry solely. At the same time he can marry elliot to her other daughter katalina..

    3. I hope they do a trade off. Avery heals Caleb and in return she gets Elliot back and maybe that’s why she didn’t give a price

  7. Seriously makes one question whether this book is complete or as someone else mentioned a soap opera. I definitely dislike only getting a few chapters only takes about 5 minutes to read if that and that is really frustrating. I sincerely appreciate the translator and chapters. I totally understand the Chinese version is only putting this many chapters out each day so we will either get tired of waiting or put up with it. I will never read another online book again. It’s seeming more like the Jones family may not have Elliot unless it’s Emilo who has him.

  8. I thought Elliot will be used to threaten Avery, but Travis asked nicely…..curious about his plans for his son, and the ambitious daughter Norah! Why can’t she just go and start her company with her father’s help!

  9. It’s ok not to mention Eric he’s not so important. I just want Elliot.😭
    The author always bringing up new character, so annoying. At first i thought the worst enemy is Wanda but now 😫 . Isn’t there enough trouble that happened to Avery and Elliot? Let them reunite. huhu This chapters are boring without him. Please let us know what really happenned to him. I’m starting to lose interest. We’re tired of waiting.

  10. I think Travis has Elliott and is gonna use him as a bargaining chip towards Avery.. I don’t understand how Mike and Hayden can’t find Elliott, thought they was meant to be the best hackers, start hacking and find Elliott

  11. Same storyline, just new characters. I know the author wants to intrigue us to keep reading and many of us do. However, I feel maybe the author has lost his way and is not sure how to give a happy ending, so he just creates more chaos. In doing so he adds more characters, Norah Jones was added to create this storyline with Travis family. Just a bunch of complications that do not need to exist and the main character of Elliott has now been put on a back shelf somewhere. I believe that the author thinks these complications will keep the reader interested but I am personally getting bored and disappointed at the fact that there is never resolution and its just sensationalism and nonsense. To the translator thank you! You are doing a phenomenal job. To the author, you really do not have to keep creating new scenarios to keep us intrigued, we would rather see some resolution and how to make Avery and Elliott’s love and family grow after all the turmoil. I hope the author will spend as much time creating peace, harmony and love for Avery and Elliott as he does in tearing down this family unit and wreaking havoc with personal relationships through evil doings of other characters.

    1. Perfectly said. Been reading for a long time and now hate this book. It seems the author is more interested in prolonging the book adding story after story and new characters instead of finalizing stories and wrapping the book up. In the end he is getting the opposite affect. His readers are getting aggravated and abandoning the book. I just hope the author combs thru these comments. Good writing always had a conclusion or ending. it doesn’t just go on and on and on.

    2. I agree. My favorite part of this book so far was the beginning when it was just about Elliot and Avery falling in love and getting to know each other. No one ever went missing. I do believe the author slow releasing this book will in turn make him lose the crowd. So many people are losing interest with only a trickle of chapters at a time. My mind was so all consumed by this story when I could just keep going as long as I wanted with reading but now I’m not thinking about this story that much and almost forgot to look for new chapters today… that’s hard to say because I have definitely been INVESTED in this story from the beginning but I will never do an online book again because of this… already looking into starting another book to fill the downtime.

  12. Agree with you all, the book is just a joke now. author must get paid by the chapter. Instead of finalizing story lines they continually add new characters and stories. Nothing is ever finalized. main characters are not wrote about for long periods and then just pop up again. Very irritating. I haven’t read the last 18 chapters, just skimmed thru and read every one’s comments. I would still like to see what twisted conclusion the author comes to, but I don’t feel the need to waste my time reading it anymore. I will wait until the readers get excited again. i am positive i could skip 100 chapters and not miss anything.

    1. Rebecca is the only one who had motive to let Avery die and keep Elliot alive. Why add new character than foccusing in main character?

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