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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1998 by

Chapter 1998

Of course Norah didn’t want to die. It’s just that she didn’t think Avery could find her so quickly.

As a result, Avery is now going to Bridgedale to deal with Wanda’s affairs.

Second, after she set up a trap to deceive Avery and Elliot into the basement, someone intervened and took Elliot away.

Even if Avery checked, she would only find out who kidnapped Elliot.

After Norah returned to the bedroom, Madelyn entered the adjacent room.

Madelyn was restless, and always felt that after telling the truth to her daughter, her daughter seemed to be getting further and further away from her.

This was not the result she wanted.

She can lose her husband, but she cannot lose her daughter.

Besides, Avery is now in danger to Norah, and Madelyn must find a way to help her.

Just like when her daughter went abroad to study and find a job after graduation, Madelyn secretly helped her daughter.

Her own child, only her feel distressed.

Although Travis has lost many children, which of the descendants of the Jones family who are still alive is not a brocade and jade food?

Madelyn wanted her daughter to be no worse off than her half-brothers and sisters.

Therefore, what should be fought for from Travis, Madelyn will definitely fight for it.

Madelyn thought about this, took a deep breath, and then dialed Travis’s phone.

Travis took a while to answer the phone.

“Travis, it’s me. I’m calling you now because our daughter is in a little trouble.” Madelyn said straight to the point, “Didn’t Norah design Elliot and Avery a while ago? They died tragically in a foreign country, but Avery was finally saved.”

“What trouble is she in? Avery found Norah on the head?” Travis’s voice came from a strong voice.

“Norah said that some of Elliot’s confidants have already suspected her. When Avery finds out about her, I’m afraid it will be a matter of time.” Madelyn said unwillingly, “Travis, Norah is your flesh and blood, you have tested DNA. Norah is like you and has a business sense. As long as you can ensure her safety, she will be able to complete the gambling agreement in three years and win the Tate Industries. When she wins the Tate Industries, and if you’re willing to recognize this daughter, I’d be happy for your father and daughter to recognize each other.”

Travis hesitated after listening to Madelyn’s words.

Although Norah relied on his connection, so she found a good job after graduation, but she jumped to Tate Industries, completely relying on her own ability.

Later, Tate Industries became stronger and bigger in her hands, which was enough to prove her ability.

Travis moved with compassion for this daughter.

If Norah can really win the Tate Industries in the future, it will be worth her risk to deal with Avery.

After Madelyn finished talking on the phone, she breathed a sigh of relief. She walked to the door of Norah’s room, knocked on the door, and then pushed the door open.

“Norah, I just called Travis.” Madelyn stood at the door and didn’t go in. “Travis said he would help you deal with Avery, you just need to work with peace of mind.”

Norah sat beside the bed, staring blankly at her mother.

“Norah, everyone uses different means to achieve success. I hope you succeed, and you want to succeed too, right? You work hard and try to win the Tate Industries. After you succeed, we will do nothing in the future. Don’t be afraid.” Madelyn said softly, “It’s very late, so I won’t disturb you. I’d better go home, I’m not used to living with you.”

Norah immediately stood up after hearing what her mother said.

Norah: “I’ll take you.”

Although Norah hates her mother’s actions, she can feel that her mother loves her.

“What do I want you to bring? You hurried to take a bath and rest. I asked your father to pick me up.” After Madelyn said this, she closed the room door for her.


Travis dialed the number of his second son, Emilio Jones, and asked him to come to the office.

After a while, Emilio appeared in his father’s office.

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