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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1997 by

Chapter 1997

“You go out and drink porridge after taking a shower. Eat something and then have a good night’s sleep.” Mike said, walking towards the door, “Don’t close the door, in case you fall in the bathroom and don’t make a sound, at least I can save you.”

Avery: “I’m not a fool. Can I keep silent when I fall?”

Mike: “When you fainted last night, there was no warning at all. Hayden was so frightened that he wanted to send you to the hospital… I tried you to breathe, and it was normal, so I didn’t send you to the hospital.”

Avery: “Hayden is probably frightened.”

Mike: “Can you not be scared? He refused to go to school this morning. I forced him to go to school. If he doesn’t go to school, the two of us will be watching by your bed… I don’t think you’re too sick to die, it’s a bit silly for us to make you look like you’re going to die.”

Avery went into the bathroom with pajamas. She was so sad last night. She thought that Elliot was really dead, and she didn’t have time to think about whether this might have been done by someone else.


Norah returned to the apartment with her mother. She did not live with her parents. She bought a small house for her parents in the city center, and the two old people lived together.

Today, because her aunt came over and her mother came to her side. Just now her father called and asked her mother when she would go back.

Her mother probably saw that Norah was in a bad mood, so she told Norah’s father that if she didn’t go back today, she would stay with her for the night.

After Norah entered the room, she walked to the coffee table and took out a box of ladies’ cigarettes and a lighter from the drawer.

“Norah, why do you smoke?” Madelyn was shocked to see her daughter lit a cigarette skillfully.

“Mom, it’s just smoking, do you need to be so shocked?” Norah exhaled a cigarette ring in front of her mother, “Is the matter between you and Travis more outrageous than my smoking? Does my dad know that I’m not Travis’s daughter?”

The expression on Madelyn’s face was tangled and rich.

–Who didn’t make mistakes when they were young?

–When Madelyn was young, although she was a mistress to Travis, she resolutely left the seemingly intoxicated, rich and glorious life after realizing that following Travis was dangerous.

“I don’t know.” Madelyn lowered her eyes and her cheeks were a little flushed. “But Travis should be clear in his heart. He has been pursuing me for many years, and even if he is to be the pick-up man, he is willing.”

“Hehe… My dad is also surnamed Jones. Mom, are you unforgettable about Travis’s old love, so you deliberately found an honest person surnamed Jones to take over the order, so that you and Travis’s child can also be named Jones.” Norah tried to analyze her mother’s psychology, “You can’t stay by Travis’s side, but you want to benefit from Travis, so doing this is the best way you can think of.”

Madelyn was a little embarrassed when her daughter said the central thing.

Madelyn: “Norah, anyone can laugh at me, but you can’t. Everything your mother does is for you.”

Norah: “Mom, stop talking! Don’t instill your thoughts on me! You’d better go back and confess to Dad! What if Dad can’t accept it?”

“What do you mean by that? I’m a lot of age with your father, do you want to see us divorce?” Madelyn was heartbroken.

Norah: “What happened to the divorce? Can’t you live without a divorce? What is it that you lied to my dad like this? You don’t feel disgusted, I am disgusted! There is only one dad, and he can never be Travis!”

“Hehe, what are you pretending to be arrogant? When Avery wants to kill you, can you be so arrogant?” Madelyn reprimanded.

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