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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1992 by

Chapter 1992

Laurel was heartbroken and left in anger.

Norah stood in front of Katalina, looked down at her, and said disappointedly: “Of course, you will regret it. My aunt and uncle love you so much, and your future husband’s family they found for you is definitely not an ordinary family. You are their own daughter. How could they harm you? You don’t understand their painstaking efforts…”

“Cousin, when you were urged to marry by your aunt and uncle, I never persuaded you to listen to them. You yourself don’t like being told by others. Interfering in life, why do you want me to obey my family’s arrangement and marry a man I don’t like?” Katalina retorted.

Norah’s lips moved, and then she said: “Although it is very common to talk about money, but in this society, it is absolutely impossible without money. If I were you, I would never disobey my parents’ orders. An in-law’s family who can make me happy…”

“Cousin, I know I’m bad, I don’t have the ability, I don’t have the ability to make a lot of money, but let me face a man I don’t like at all, I’d rather go there Ordinary life.” Katalina said here, exhausted, “Cousin, my mother fell just now, go see my mother! I want to be alone.”

Norah picked up her bag and strode out of her rental house.

After Laurel and Norah left, the bodyguard knocked on the door of Katalina’s rental room.

Katalina opened the door. She thought it would be her mother or Norah, but it turned out to be Aqi.

“You…” Katalina glanced behind him, thinking Layla was coming too.

Aqi immediately explained, “Layla asked me to come. She wants to know if you will resign.”

Katalina let out a smile, but she didn’t expect that Layla would care about herself.

Katalina: “I won’t quit my job. I’ve cut ties with my family.”

“No pocket money?” Aqi was a little surprised.

“Not only do I have no pocket money, but I still have to pay it back.” Katalina walked to the living room and poured a glass of water for Aqi, “My mother asked me to pay them back 10 million before releasing me. Otherwise, they would force me into the future to marry a man which I don’t like.”

“The man they forced you to marry should be a rich man, right?” Aqi took the water glass she handed over and took a sip.

Katalina: “Well.”

“Then you can just find a rich man yourself.” Aqi sincerely thought of a way for her.

Katalina: “In addition to being rich, you have to get along in all aspects. Where is it so easy to find? Emotional matters depend on fate. I have been in aristocratic schools since I was a child, and my male classmates are very wealthy. They are classmates and friends, but they won’t be their husbands.”

Aqi: “Why?”

Katalina: “Because women are like beautiful clothes to them. They think it’s stupid to take feelings seriously.”

“Men without money, maybe it’s the same. If you want to find the rich and dedicated man in idol dramas, you may be single for the rest of your life.” Aqi shattered her illusions.

Katalina: “I know that I have high requirements, so I don’t expect my future husband to have more money, as long as I can agree with my three views and have a harmonious relationship.”

Aqi: “Will you give 10 million to your parents?”

Katalina immediately shook her head in embarrassment: “Where do I have so much money… I may not earn 10 million in my life.”

Aqi: “It’s miserable.”

Katalina: “Can you earn it? If I can’t earn it, why are you laughing at me.”

Aqi said lightly, “Why can’t I earn it? I can’t earn it in a year, but I will definitely earn it in a lifetime.”

Katalina was shocked by his arrogant tone and asked, “Do you have a high salary?”

“What do you think?” Aqi asked back, “Before I was hired by my boss, I was an international martial arts champion. Every year, I won more than one million in prize money from participating in various competitions. Do you think my boss will offer me less than this Reward?”

Katalina: “…”

Aqi continued, “Before Layla returned to my boss, I was my boss’ bodyguard. Last year was the tenth time I worked at Foster’s house and My boss gave me a reward.”

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