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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1985 by

Chapter 1985

Norah never wants to see this stupid cousin again!

Avery came to the agreed restaurant and met Emilio, who had not seen each other for a long time. She didn’t know him well before, so she had long forgotten what he looked like.

When Avery saw him today, she always felt that she had been a fake classmate with him for a year.

The feeling of being completely unfamiliar, as if the two of them had never met, made Avery frown.

“What’s your expression? Don’t you think I’m too ugly and unsightly?” Emilio took out his mobile phone and took a picture of his face with the screen, “It’s so handsome!”

“I just think I don’t seem to have seen you before. I’m not sure if you are my classmate.” Avery told the truth.

With a ‘puff’, Emilio almost spat out the breakfast he had this morning.

Emilio: “Avery, you are too insulting! I am Emilio, the second young master of the Jones family. You don’t even know me!”

Avery said calmly, “The beauty and medicine of your Jones family are your father and your two uncles. So I know what your father looks like, and I also know what your two uncles look like. When you can do your own business, you won’t care if others recognize you. You asked me to meet, what do you want to say?”

Emilio was embarrassed by what she said just now.

If she wasn’t Avery, Emilio would have been angry already.

“Avery, your stinky temper has not changed at all. You looked down on me before, and you still look down on me now. Can I ask you out for a meal? Let’s have a classmate…”

When Emilio said this, Avery got up and pretended to leave.

Avery is not familiar with Emilio, and she has no classmates to chat with. If she is looking for him just to talk sh*t, she might as well go home and continue to watch the Jones family’s gossip.

“Hey! Don’t go! I’m making fun of you!” Emilio stopped her, “Aren’t you looking for Elliot’s whereabouts? Let’s talk!”

Avery sat down again: “Did you hear anything?”

Emilio shook his head: “I have helped you to inquire, but there is not much information… After all, this matter is very important. If someone really kidnapped Elliot, it is impossible to leak the information easily.”

Avery: “I haven’t heard anything.”

“Not exactly…” Emilio picked up the menu and handed it to her, “Aren’t you hungry? Let’s talk while we eat!”

Avery ordered Two dishes, handed him the menu.

“How many children does your dad have?” Avery chatted with him, “I heard that your family is relatively large, so I’m a little curious.”

Emilio gave her a meaningful look: “You have to ask my dad about this kind of thing. He Gossip reporters can’t even write about his romantic affairs. I guess he doesn’t even know how many species he has kept outside.”

Avery: “Oh, how many brothers and sisters do you have now?

“Let me say it all at once, and I can’t say it.” Emilio casually ordered and handed the menu to the waiter.

After the waiter walked away, Emilio looked at Avery, squinted peach blossom eyes, and said with a smile, “Are you interested in our family’s private affairs?”

Avery: “If there is nothing wrong with Elliot, I will not investigate your family.”

“You may The investigation went in the wrong direction. My dad likes women, not men. What did he kidnap Elliot for?” Emilio said.

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