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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1983 by

Chapter 1983

“Hello, Miss Tate.” The lawyer took the initiative to greet Avery, “I met Wanda’s lawyer yesterday. I understand that the evidence they have now is mainly the phone call between you and Wanda before she died. The phone confessed to killing her.”

“Bullsh*t. I know exactly what I said. I did tell her on the phone that I was going to avenge my mother, but I didn’t say I was going to kill her. Unless she admits that she killed my mother The murderer!” Avery said here and turned on the phone, “I recorded the call, you can listen to my conversation with her.”

She turned on the phone, turned on the recording, and the voice suddenly flowed out——

Wanda: [I, Wanda, didn’t get scared! Your father is already dead! Now this robot, you deliberately designed it to look like your father… Your father’s wish was to create a driverless car, and now the Dream Makers Group has made it! So you used your father’s appearance to make your father’s dream come true! You are such a good and filial daughter! ]

Avery: [Wanda, since you said it for this sake, I can only admit it. Not only am I a good daughter who obeys my father, I am also a good daughter to my mother. Now that I have fulfilled my father’s dream, the next step is to avenge my mother.]

Wanda: [Hehehehe… Sure enough, it’s you! I didn’t expect you to have so much patience! How do you want to avenge your mother? ! Are you going to hit me with your car? Say it!]

Avery: [Guess slowly.]

After the recording was played, the lawyer grinned: “Ms. tate, you did not say by name that you wanted to seek revenge against Ms. wanda, let alone kill Ms. wanda with a car. Besides, you have evidence of your alibi. In this case, you don’t have to come forward, just entrust me with full authority.”

“Then it’s hard for you.” Avery didn’t want to waste time on this matter, “Wanda wanted to hold me back, I understand her feelings, but this matter really doesn’t depend on me. “

“Actually, the police have also conducted a detailed investigation. The result of the current investigation is that Wanda parked the car illegally on the road before she died… From the surveillance screen at the intersection, it can be seen that before she died, she picked up a car. The phone, after receiving that phone call, she was very frightened, which led to the car accident in the back.”

“Have you found out whose call she answered?” Avery asked.

“No. But no matter who she answers the phone, her traffic violation comes first, and she doesn’t care.” The lawyer replied.

Avery: “Um.”

After chatting with the lawyer, Avery sent the lawyer out.

The lawyer: “Miss Tate stay, and if there is any progress in the future, I will notify you as soon as possible.”

After the lawyer left, Avery went back indoors against the scorching sun.

“I told you on the phone that there is absolutely no need for you to come here specially because of this.” Mike said lightly, “We’re doing business, don’t you worry?”

“I came here, not entirely because of Wanda.” Avery glanced at the time, “I used to be classmates with Travis’s second son Emilio. He has been asking me to meet, and I came here this time to meet him.”

“What did he ask you to do?” In Mike’s heart, the alarm bell rang, “Could this guy have plans for you?”

“Even if he has plans for me, I have to go see him.” Avery said word by word, “The information you found shows that Travis has a total of 31 children, but only 9 survived. Travis made a fortune very early, don’t you think it’s strange why the survival rate of Jones’s children is so low?”

“Strange! Of course I think it’s strange. But it’s not my family’s business, I’m strange, I won’t waste my precious time for this kind of thing.” Mike said casually, “It’s such a shameful thing in a wealthy family. There are more. Don’t think that only the Jones family is so scary…”

“I don’t want to care about other people’s family affairs. But when Elliot and I had an accident, Travis’s private plane happened to be in Yonroeville. Two days before I was rescued, his private plane just flew away. We couldn’t find Elliot anywhere. So, I can only suspect that Travis may have taken Elliot away.”

Mike nodded: “There are no other clues now. We can only investigate the Jones family first. But when you go to see the second son of the Jones family, I must accompany you.”

“No need. I’ll ask the bodyguard to accompany me.” Avery said, “If you have nothing to do, you can go back to Aryadelle.”

“I have a lot of work to do. You may not believe it. The company’s order volume has been lined up for two years… If we don’t expand the scale of production, there is no way to meet the market demand.” Mike said, his head has been started to hurt, “Forget it, I’ll go to the company!”

After Mike left, Avery was also ready to go out.

She and Emilio made an appointment for lunch today.

158 thoughts on “When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1983 by”

    1. I don’t think Norah is a family member of this Jones family remember not too long ago that they said that the Lynch family paid for Norah’s education. Elliott needs to be found please hurry and can the contract for Norah to take over Tate industry be completely voided?

      1. Lydia, I was wondering the same thing about the contract… In Elliots absence, who runs the business? I mean, it will go to Layla and Robert… Layla has made it very clear she wants Norah gone, I don’t see why it can’t happen? I mean, I doubt Elliot would have a problem with it once he comes back… It was Laylas choice. He wanted her to have an education and a mind of her own…

          1. I think its about time to find Elliot. Its just not as good without him.
            Also, please try to give us more chapters.

      2. Lydia…. She’s definitely related to Emilio Jones, I think there is a bad blood between the families. Did you hear what her cousin said that her family used to look down on Norah family.

    2. Based on what I have read today. Katrina’s parents are the jones’s daughter that they want to marry off to a business man, who probably is Elliott that they rescued based on Sashas info.

          1. @Gracious,
            Sasha was the prisoner that led them to the other corpse pit, before they were trapped inside.

      1. I’m so desperate for chapters that I started reading the book from the beginning…lol
        Bet ya I catch up again before the book ends…lmao

      2. There is so much sense in your thought. But why hasn’t Elliott contacted his family, if “THEY” can suddenly want to marry him off to Katalina?

    1. I’m suspecting that Katalina is one of travis jones daughter and travis was the one who took Elliot and wanted katalina to marry Elliot to boost his business knowing that Elliot is a business genius because travis is already old and he needs someone capable of running his business and in his eyes only Elliot can meet up his standards.I’m thinking also that maybe travis has Haze,maybe he has a daughter with another woman the same age as Haze and died so the woman bought Haze from the criminal gang to present haze to travis as his daughter.As for nora jones,maybe her surname is not really jones,maybe she just used the name jones to uplift herself.These are only my speculations because i’m tired and impatiently waiting for this novel to pick up its pace and reveal elliot’s whereabouts.It’s giving me a headache🤯🤯🤯

      1. Avir, I am thinking alone the same way as you are.. maybe after Avery meet with Emilio, we will find out where this is going. This is another Rebecca twist storyline. Isn’t there any other men that these people can have? I just want him and Avery to be together again.

        1. Sar,me too i want elliot and avery to be together.
          It could be also that travis is the leader of the criminal gang and maybe nora is a member of that criminal gang also.

        2. @SAR
          I wonder the same thing. Are there really so little good men or is Elliot really made of gold? Get someone else goodness!!!!! Elliot has 4 children and loves a woman. These people are really strange. Money is everything. They will kill for it, destroy people and children. Criminal upon criminal upon criminal. It’s really scary.

        3. Really him many people want to marry there daughter to Elliott he’s not that nice just because he is good to his kids now but he was not even wanting kids before I just want him found and to get back with Avery

      2. This is a great pov I’m tired and annoyed waiting. I will make a donation everytime there is 10 pages or more uploaded.

      3. Avir,
        You aren’t far from the truth. Norah could still be Jones remember that they are cousins so they have the same surname, but Nora’s parents are poor but with Nora managing the Tate business she has now upgraded her family status.

      4. Nora is related to Katalina. She has a said her parents send Nora to school when she was younger because he family couldn’t afford to send her to school. Katalina is rich but she doesn’t like it. Nora was the poor cousin before

        1. I’m thinking the plot with Wanda. She’s leaving her money with who? Her daughter has died. Maybe she is related to Norah & Katalina. I need more to read. Thank you!

      5. I dont think Elliot loss his memory or in coma, if it is true that Haze took by Travis, maybe Travis used Haze thats why even if Elliot is in good condition now, he can’t come back to Avery.

      6. I feel Travis has Haze and will use Haze against Elliot. Travis probably wants Elliot to marry his daughter Katalina in order to get Haze back and then again Travis probably is raising Has as his daughter. I don’t think Norah is a Jones, but her and Travis has some kind of the together..

    2. Please send more but it said her parents paid for her education but she could still be related to the Jones’s, you are right they need to find Elliott thank you

  1. So I think Avery is on to something, Travis took Elliott away but why? Is he connected to the underground people? He and Sasha must know each other.. I don’t think Norah knows about him.. someone who knew about the second exit got Elliott out, but why did they leave Avery.. apparently someone wanted her dead.. I ready for this mystery to be solved.. Emilio is going to make a move on Avery, but she knows it, so she will be careful..

    1. Sar,me too i want elliot and avery to be together.
      It could be also that travis is the leader of the criminal gang and maybe nora is a member of that criminal gang also.

      1. I don’t think Nora and Travis are working together if not she would’ve known that Travis took Elliot.
        But who’s the Sasha you guys are mentioning here because I’ve not come across such name? In what chapter did you find the name Sasha? Who is she?
        It seems I’m lost here, as if I’m not reading the same novel.

        1. Sasha is the criminal gang prisoner, the one who to too Elliot and Avery to the the place where Avery would have died if she had not rescued by Hayden.

    1. Do you remember when Avery was blackmail for the 5 million dollars? We still have not found out who it was, I think it may have something to do with Elliott disappearance.

    2. I’m a little confused with all the resources they have why they can’t locate Sasha. I know she has a bigger role in this if not for anything else she knows who hired her and helped her escape. We also know that teacher is hiding something.

    3. Travis might be Nora’s uncle and Katalina might be Travis daughter. They give her six figure amount for pocket money every month.

  2. More chapters please, I believe we are starting to get to the bottom of everything. I still want to learn more about haze whereabouts. Maybe Elliot is with her now?

  3. How exactly does this work for you Sar? Do you only have access to this one person. Or is this just the only person who is reliable?

  4. Do you remember when Avery was blackmail for the 5 million dollars? We still have not found out who it was, I think it may have something to do with Elliott disappearance.

  5. More chapters please and thank you for these chapters. I hope they find Elliott. This has definitely been an exciting novel. A lot to keep up with on this story line with all of the twists and turns

  6. I think katelina informed Travis about Elliott situation, she overheard norah talking to sasha over the phone so she knows norah plans. She maybe Travis granddaughter. She is trying very hard to get close to layla, so I suspect she’s has hidden agenda.

    1. I think Katalina knows where Haze is who looks like Layla. She might want to do a DNA if she can get Layla to herself. Thank God for the bodyguard .

  7. My guess is Travis knows Sasha and Sasha came back to pull Elliott out and took him to Travis with the help of Travis’s planes flying out of Yonroville. Kataline is Travis’s daughter. Nora is Katarine’s cousin and her family’s poor, Katarine’s family is wealthy, according to what Katarine told Elliott’s bodyguard. The man who Katarine’s parents arranged for her to marry probably is Elliott.

  8. Those chapters were extremely fast!! Hopefully there will be more to read later on today. Who was Norah talking to the day Katalina overheard her talking? Does anyone remember? I’m gonna have to go back, and read while waiting on more chapters.

  9. So, why have so many children of the Jones family die? Is he using their organs to stay strong? I too think Jones has Elliot and left Avery to die so Elliot can be free to marry one of his daughters, K, specifically. Good update. Excited for more.

  10. Just thinking if Avery was rescued after 6 days and manage to recover, then Elliott has to be okay, because he didn’t stay in there for 6 days.

  11. But I don’t understand why they want Avery dead. Rather keep her alive so she can at least raise the children if Elliot remarries. Maybe Katalina thinks she can win Layla’s favour and so convince Elliot to marry her. Or maybe she will also abduct Layla and force Elliot. Maybe she already blackmails him with Layla being at her house and her safety.
    But why did so many children of Trevor died. Is’t his business pharmaceutical? Maybe he does experiments on his own children!
    Anyway. Sasha or Nora told someone about Elliot and Avery being locked up. What if it is someone they know? What about Wesley? Why do they all of a sudden think he may leave Shea one day and why is he so busy all of a sudden? There are so many possibilities.

      1. I have another idea:
        What is this 72 year old guy (Jackson?) was the leader of the gang. All his children were members. Norah Is family of Jackson, so knows of Sarahs involvement and used
        her. Elliot wiped out the gang. Jackson wants to take revenge. He takes Elliot but want Avery to die to hurt Elliot. He wants to kill all people Elliot care for as revenge of his children. That is also why the teacher is trying to get to Leyla and her body guard.

  12. So I think whoever rescued Elliot? Believed that Avery was already dead. When she was found she was unresponsive and cold to the touch. Or maybe Elliot was close to the door still trying to find a way out. So when he was rescued. Maybe the person didn’t see Avery. Atp he has to either be in a coma or he lost his memory. Bc he would’ve went back for Avery and contacted his family.
    I think they’re getting closer to finding out that Nora is responsible. And soon they’re going to release the tape of her and the midget/dwarf guy. That would be worse than death.
    I think Hayden is going to be the one to find his father. I think that a mediocre person found Elliot and has been caring for him. Getting meds from the pharmaceutical company. And that’s y they’re contacting Avery.
    I think we’re all thinking too much. I also think Katalina is going to disclose what she heard during Nora’s phone call. And that she’s going to marry the bodyguard. I don’t think she has any bad intentions. I hope she tells the bodyguard and not Nora. Bc if she does Nora is going to kill her. Sasha is going to be the snitch.
    Just my opinion.

  13. Wait! Is Chelsea’s brother still alive?? And remember Chelsea always wore a mask!!! What if it wasn’t really her who jumped??
    The dr chick who lost her eyeballs is definitely dead.
    I believe Rebecca is dead. But I’m not too sure about the guy? I think his name was Nate? The one who was in love with Rebecca.
    I’m also curious why Wesley hurting Shae in the future was mentioned all of a sudden!?!? This is so crazy. And exciting.
    Would u guys like to start a group chat? Or possibly follow each other on Social Media. I feel like we’re a family!! Lol. Or at least fellow detectives. It’s so hard to keep up with comments and replies on here without physically coming back and scrolling down. It annoys me.

      1. Hi Sar and Carla,
        What about setting up a Facebook group.

        Share the name of it on the comments section and we can to join.

        Both of you could be administrators??

          1. There is already a Facebook page called
            ‘When his eyes opened the novel’ and it’s by simple silence and has 94 members already

          2. I have searched for such a group without results.

            Joined the one by Simple Silence but they aren’t discussing anything there.

          3. I have not participated in comments but have been following your comments for weeks. I requested to be in the Fb group as well.

          1. The group is called Elliott and Avery chat comments, just type it in the search bar, and I will add you.

    1. Wesley hurting Shea in the future was Tammy’s guess as she doesn’t think there’s love in marriage she wants to start manipulating Shea like she did to Avery, but to me Shea is a smart girl and even smarter than Avery.

      1. I don’t think Wesley would hurt Shae. He’s been thru so much with her. Tammy just has a bad mind. Assuming people’s relationship will fail, because that’s what’s gonna happen to her and Jun..

    1. Yes, I was wondering what they were going to try and pin against her with evidence…. I knew I didn’t hear her say flat out that she was going to kill Wanda!
      I’m a bit more excited however that they investigated and found that Wanda was really the cause of her own death. Teaches you to park properly!

  14. I think it will be good to discuss our theories somewhere else, just in case the writer is going by what we’re saying as he writes. I would prefer he does his own thinking 🤔

  15. Maybe Norah and her cousin are really sisters and they are both fighting for Elliot and their father wants another sister (the one that has Haze) to be with Elliot. Just a thought

    1. Nah, I think they are distance cousins, katalina said that Norah came from a poor family and now she is excelling because she is smart.

  16. Nah, I think they are distance cousins, katalina said that Norah came from a poor family and now she is excelling because she is smart.

  17. Personally I don’t have a good feeling about this Katerina. She’s too nice, she must be up to something. Maybe she want to put Norah down for some reason

  18. Chapter 376- Rosalie did DNA on Elliott and Hayden, not her and Hayden. I decided while waiting to reread part of the book until it gets to the frustrating crazy Chelsea parts

      1. Correct. In other posts people were confusing it where they thought Rosalie did a dna test on herself and Hayden and how could it be a match when Elliott wasn’t her son. So when I reread the chapter it said that Rosalie ran the dna test of Elliot against Hayden. Because clearly we now know she wouldn’t be a match knowing Elliot isn’t her real son.

  19. Can we get some new chapters today pls?! Loving the Chinese website since it’s ahead but better understood here.

  20. It says you updated this 17 hours ago, can we get more chapters please? And please bring Elliott back to Avery and their kids, also I think we would all like to see Haze with the family.
    Writer if you are still writing this, make them a happy family for once. Thank you.

  21. Why is it always only 6 chapters a day I’m just getting extremely bored waiting at this point like what’s the point of having us wait the whole day.

  22. *** Spoiler alert. After reading The updated pages I totally think it’s Emilio’s dad that kidnapped Elliott. Holding them hostage now in order for Avery to do surgery on Emilio’s brother it said he had brain damage. Also this last page just said they were sent photos of Elliott. Finally more information on Elliott. Now to wait another 24 hrs!!!

    1. Cindy, if Hayden hadn’t found Avery she would be dead, so he didn’t kidnap Elliott for that reason. Emilio just told Avery about the brothers needing the brain surgery.

      1. Check out the Facebook group, Elliott and Avery chat comments, we have almost 100 members and we are chatting on going. We have members from all over the world, so there is always something to read.

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