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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1980 by

Chapter 1980

Chad replied, “No. Your father should not be in Yonroeville. Your father is such a big living person, as long as he is still alive, we will definitely find him.”

“What if my father dies? Is he dead so we can’t find him?” Layla was pessimistic.

“Layla, if your father really dies, then you must be strong. Because your mother will definitely suffer more than you. Besides your mother, you have to set an example for your brother.” Chad didn’t want to say this words, but these words blurted out.

As Layla said, they searched for Elliot for so long and couldn’t find Elliot’s whereabouts. Elliot might really be dead.

They just don’t want to accept this reality.

Chad: “Although I say this, I still firmly believe that your father is still alive. Your father is a very smart and wise man. No matter how dangerous or difficult he encounters, he can always save it. I have worked by his side for so many years, I have seen that he has encountered all kinds of troubles, and he can always solve them easily.”

Chad comforted Layla, and he was comforting himself.



After Avery landed, she first turned on her mobile phone and dialed Layla.

Avery: “Layla, your mother came to Bridgedale. Because things were a little sudden, so your mother didn’t have time to tell you.”

“Uncle Chad told me.” Layla said angrily, “Mom, I miss you so much.”

“Mom I know. But your mother came here because there are some things to deal with. When mother mother is done, she will go back to Aryadelle immediately.” Avery coaxed softly, “Layla, I will let Uncle Mike go back to accompany you, okay?”

“Forget it! we all have our own things to do, and I have to go to class every day.” Although Layla felt uncomfortable, she was not an unreasonable child, “Mom, Norah is a villain. She said that my father died and said So sure, as if she saw my dad’s body! I think my dad may have been killed by her.”

The expression on Avery’s face was startled.

Avery: “Layla, we don’t have any evidence right now, so don’t startle the snake.”

“But I’ve already scare the snake.” Layla murmured, “I scolded her today. She’s going to die of anger.”

Avery: “It’s okay…if She really did this thing, and we will definitely find evidence. As long as we find evidence, I will make her pay dearly!”

“Mom, you have to be careful. I’m afraid something happens to you too… If you Something happened too, then my brother and I are orphans.” Layla thought of this, and sadness came from it.

Avery: “Mom won’t make you orphans. Layla, trust mom.”

Layla: “Well, mom, I trust you.”

After talking to her daughter on the phone, Avery saw Mike who came to pick up the plane.

Mike received Avery and immediately said, “I have found the best lawyer in Bridgedale for you. You go home for dinner and have a good rest. I will accompany you to see the lawyer tomorrow.”

“Mike, what do you think? Is it possible that Norah did what happened to Elliot?” Avery’s mind kept echoing what her daughter said.

“Of course it is possible. Don’t underestimate Norah.” Mike said, “Norah has no family background to rely on. She has reached her current position by herself. Without a little brain and courage, she will never succeed. “

Avery: “Norah said that Elliot was dead. If she didn’t know what was going on, how could she say such a thing? She is indeed suspicious.”

“Norah can’t run away. Finish this matter first, then go check Norah.” Mike said, “You asked me to check the beauty and medicine a few days ago. I have already printed out the information that I found, and you can read it when you get home. But I suggest you go to bed and watch it again, because it is about this family. The dog-blood incident is really…too many!”

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