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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1979 by

Chapter 1979

The bodyguard: “And then?”

“My mother asked me to resign and go back.” Katalina stared blankly ahead without focusing, “In their eyes, no matter how old I am, I must listen to them. As long as I don’t listen to them, that is unfilial.”

“So you are planning to quit your job and go home?” The bodyguard didn’t want to hear her talk about family affairs.

Katalina: “I don’t want to go home. If I go home, my parents will let me marry a man I don’t like…”

“What age is this, and such a thing?” The bodyguard was shocked by her remarks.

“No matter what age, this kind of thing will never disappear.” Katalina smiled bitterly, “My dad is old, my brother is still young, and his ability is average. If my dad wants to stabilize his class, he can only rely on business marriage to ensure his status.”

The bodyguard: “Oh, I don’t understand the troubles of your rich family.”

Katalina sighed: “My parents used to look down on my cousin’s family because my cousin’s family was very poor. Now my cousin is very capable, earns a lot of money, and can manage Tate Industires. The attitude of my parents towards my cousin has changed drastically, and now they trust her more than me. It’s not my cousin, but my own incompetence.”

“What’s wrong with your cousin? She even cares about your personal affairs. I came to your house with Layla, so how could she be so embarrassed?” The bodyguard scoffed, “When she used to chase my boss, she was a caring, dog-legged person. She nodded and bowed when she saw the servants of the Foster family, for fear that others would not know what she was thinking about.”

“Because your boss rejected her, so she…” Katalina paused when she said this.

“So what about her?” The bodyguard asked, “If you don’t plan to quit your job and go home and be married by your parents to a man you don’t like, then you only have one choice now.”

“What choice?” Katalina looked up at him.

“That is to get on our ship. As long as you can provide useful clues to help us find my boss, Avery will definitely thank you. No matter how powerful Norah is, can Avery be as powerful?”

“I… I’m a little confused right now. Let me think about it! If I don’t listen to my parents, they will definitely cut ties with me… I don’t have the courage to do that.” Katalina struggled.

“Are you afraid that after you cut ties with your family, your parents will no longer give you six-figure pocket money every month?” The bodyguard teased, “If that’s the case, then go back and get married!”

Katalina was told by him The central matter, but she didn’t know how to refute it, so she went back to the bedroom with red eyes and closed the bedroom door.


Foster family.

After Layla ate dinner, she was still very uncomfortable.

Her mother was still on the plane and the phone was off.

Her uncle, Mike and brother were far away from her, and there was no way for her to stand up for her.

So after hesitating for a while, she dialed Chad’s number.

Chad answered the phone in seconds: “Layla, you called me, what’s the matter?”

“I have something to do.” Layla was gloomy, “I saw Norah today. I heard her say that my father is dead. I didn’t like her in the first place, and I don’t like her even more now. If my dad was here, I would definitely let my dad fire her right away.”

Chad listened to Layla’s words and understood Layla’s meaning.

Chad: “Why did she say your father is dead?”

“I overheard what she told her cousin. Her cousin is my current class teacher.” Layla said angrily, “Even if my father really died, I wouldn’t want to hear her say that! Woohoo!”

Layla finished crying.

“Layla, I remember what you said. Your Uncle Schaffer will be back soon. When he comes back, I will discuss with him as soon as possible to see how to deal with Norah.” Chad said distressedly, “Layla Come on, don’t cry.”

“…Uncle Schaffer found my dad?” Layla asked in a nasal voice.

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