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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1977 by

Chapter 1977

The bodyguard: “Yeah. So your mom went over to deal with a little thing. Come back when it’s settled.”

“Oh…my mom won’t be in danger?” Layla asked.

The bodyguard: “Probably not. She went to Bridgedale. Your brother and your uncle Mike will take care of her.”

Layla: “Teacher Larson got off work at one o’clock and she gave me the key to her house, let’s go to her house first.”

The two of them knew each other well and came to Katalina’s rental house.

The bodyguard opened the door and saw a person sitting on the sofa in the living room.

This person, by coincidence, they know each other.

Norah was entrusted by her aunt to come to Katalina’s house to see Katalina’s life.

Unexpectedly, Layla and Foster family’s bodyguard would appear here.

Seeing Norah, Layla turned around and left without thinking.

But the bodyguard held her back.

The bodyguard still haven’t figured out if the disappearance of the boss has anything to do with Norah. What if it does?

“Miss Jones, what a coincidence.” The bodyguard led Layla, entered the room, and closed the door by the way.

After the two of them came in, Norah became a little uncomfortable.

Norah adjusted several times before finally letting herself pull out a smile.

Norah: “Layla, long time no see.”

Layla pretended not to hear, took her schoolbag, and went to the study to do her homework.

Norah saw that Layla was so impolite, and the expression on her face was a little bit unbearable.

“Miss Jones, after my boss’s accident, Layla is like this. You don’t have to care about like a child.” The bodyguard spoke up, leading to Elliot’s disappearance.

“Well, I can understand. I’m also very sad when Elliot’s accident happened. I wanted to come to visit, but I thought that Layla and Avery didn’t welcome me, so I didn’t go there.” Norah said calmly, “By the way, how do you have the key to my cousin’s house? She gave it to you?”

The bodyguard: “Yes. She helps Layla with tuition every night. Doesn’t you know?”

“I thought it was at home.” Norah was very surprised and could not hide her anger, “My cousin has just entered the society, she can be really stupid. She has no defense at all.”

The bodyguard: “Miss Jones, you thinks that Layla and I are bad people for your cousin. Should you guard against us?”

“I didn’t say that.” Norah’s expression turned gloomy, she picked up her bag and strode towards the door.

When the door opened, Norah happened to meet Katalina who was returning from get off work.

“However, what’s the matter with you? You can make up lessons for Layla, why did you let them come to your house? Do you want to cling to Foster’s house for your own benefit?” Norah closed the door behind her, but inside the room, there was still Norah’s voice could be heard.

Norah continued, “The Foster family is no longer the beautiful Foster family it used to be! Elliot is dead, and now the entire Foster family has no leader, but you are so flattering to them, your brain is flooded, right? You said a word of the words I said to you. Didn’t you listen?”

“Cousin, didn’t you say that Elliot just disappeared?” Katalina blushed and retorted in a low voice, “You said he died, but he really died?”

Norah took a deep breath and lowered her voice: “I said he’s dead, he’s dead! You go in immediately and drive them out!”

Norah’s voice was settled, and the door behind her opened—

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    1. Hi Sar will you continue to publish spoiler alerts in the comments once you have read the chapters from the Chinese website please? This will save us waiting for this site to publish them.

      1. EOH, sure I will just put spoilers if you don’t want to know, just don’t read it. I know I appreciate it if I know what is going to happen. I do read it, when he posts it here, because the translation is much better. Again the Chinese version has different names but it is the same novel.

        1. How do we find the Chinese version? I also know the names are changed bc I was paying to read it on good novel the names are different there too.

    2. I trust Katalina. I don’t trust Norah!! I think Katalina is trying to assist Avery and knows Norah did something!!

      1. I think Katalina is probably really a good person. I think the bodyguard barged in the room of course, because he heard Norah keep repeating that Elliot is dead. I stopped reading for days, and once again caught up quickly. It seems the translator hasn’t been updating much. I guess I will have to stop reading for like a couple months just to be able to read at my own pace.

  1. Oh please, please add more chapters. Can’t wait to read. I hope they soon find Eliot. To Hyden’s ability how come, they couldn’t find Eliot yet.

  2. Omg, it’s getting interesting. But why so short though. Wish the chapter would be longer. More chapters please. Thank you kindly…

    1. I really don’t think it is the translator’s fault. The book is not complete yet, so the pressure shd be on the author… I guess
      More chapters pls, thank you translator

      1. It’s a serialized novel. The chapters comes in installment. My understanding is this writing is ongoing. The novel is not yet complete .

      2. why do you say the book has not been finished yet??

        I agree I’ve often wondered if it is being written or translated but..

    2. Could Elliotts kidnapping be related to the dark web and could this 2nd Norah be the first Nora the one that looked like Avery?

  3. I am starting to instrust in this novel.due to the lower chapters. Please give us more than 5 or 6 chapters. I would like to get the book and finish this story but you can’t find it anywhere.

  4. Is this book finished where it can be purchased? This is so frustrating. Maybe another book shouldn’t be translated until one is completely finished. It’s just ridiculous and I have no idea how we’ve all held on even to this point. I’m going to go back to reading books on my nook!

  5. I’m also very happy Wanda was killed off. I hate the chapters about Wanda & wish she was killed off sooner. Maybe the whole situation about her death will go away quickly. & they just find Elliot already if he is in trouble it seems nobody actually cares too much it’s like he was on the back burner 🙄 I like this book but some parts are very dumb, and annoying.

  6. Keep the comments coming, there’s a lot of key points that I didn’t pick up on..I like the way y’all think. I do believe that Hayden will now start looking for his dad, with the revenge done for his grandma. Elliott has to be in the picture to see how powerful his son has become. It will make no sense otherwise, because he has surpassed him. I do believe that Hayden doesn’t really hate his dad, it just every time he decides to get close. Something always occurs regarding his mom to make him doubt his dad. I would like to see them as a team find Hazel. Just to show you how this novel has gotten to me. I had a dream last night, it took years to find Elliott and the one who has him was Rebecca. Elliott has no memory of his family, Hazel is 18 years old and he is only close to her and not Rebecca. Of course Rebecca does not like that he still refuses to touch her.. Avery is grandma, Layla has a daughter, Hayden is not married.

    1. Sar, that was one heck of a dream. I sure hope it doesn’t take that long. I did think about Rebecca taking him. With Haze looking so much like Avery, I figure his memory would come back and they would find their way back to their family. Don’t know how long I will hang in there if they don’t bring Elliot back soon. Although having these comments to come checkout fills in some time. But I would really like to finish this book.

    2. That’s too absurb! Waste many years without Avery by his side. So. Sad. I hope Elliot is planning something good for his family or locating Haze.

    3. @SAR
      🥲🥲🥲 This dream of your’s is a nightmare! It Elliot stays away for that long, he really misses out on a whole life and all his children. Avery will be a single parent most of her life! By that time Hayden and Layla will be about 32 years of age, Robert will be 21 (and completely forgot his father….humans don’t remember as far back as 3/4 and before) and Avery will be close to 50? Bad dream🥲🥲

    4. @SAR
      I wanted to add to my comment….in my country, if you are missing for 7 years, you are declared dead. Will be very sad if Elliot is gone for long. He already disappeared and lost his memory once. Twice is too much.

  7. The chapters are so short. Who opened the door? Oh I don’t understand Katalina. Norah is scared that she might have heard what she did. No news about Elliot.

  8. That lawyer is serious. I hope they are not going to be implicated. That’ll take time away from finding Elliot. The author is trying to distract us from wanting to know more about Elliot.

    1. If they arrest Avery for her murder I’m going to be done she’s had enough stuff happen to her, I wish they would at least say something about Elliott and let us have more to read I’m getting close to being done. 🙄 uggg

  9. Wow – still, 6 pages, or a few paragraphs that takes 5 min to read (includes flipping thru site text & checking for more pages). On a weekend, too.
    Am happy I have other things to do & read. It is much less frustrating to only check for updates every few days or 1x a week, when remembered. Makes the story a better reading experience.

  10. Those chapters are much smaller and way back from where this site currently is at 1977. The chapters are just numbered differently.

  11. I believe that this novel is coming to thee end that’s why the translator is only giving 4 to five chapters I’m praying I’m right and something telling me that Elliot is where Haze is and they will be found together but I’m pretty sure that Rebecca is dead maybe it’s Zoe or maybe it’s Elliot old brother& nephew holding him hostage.please let’s find them fast I miss Elliot not being mentioned in the paragraphs .

    1. Previous vice president of Tate Industries.. what’s his name?.. Think he must have kidnapped/saved Elliot after getting some hints from his meeting with norah.

  12. Lisa I was just wondering what happened to them. Meaning Cole and his father. Interesting. This book is becoming super annoying. Even if we can’t get more chapters. A reasonable explanation would be appreciated.
    SAR did u notice on the Chinese site the book was called “Everybody is waiting for me to become a widow”? The difference is it stopped at chapters I think that were in the 1500’s. If u click on the authors name. Both books pop up. But they’re the exact same book. I was excited when I first realized it. Until I saw where it stopped. I’m really going to try to wait a few days. But that hasn’t worked out for me yet. I’m still checking every few hours.

    1. Carla, I think you are reading the wrong novel. The Chinese version is named Qin Anan Fun Shiting. It’s the same as here, it’s on chapter 1977 .. later tonight it should post 6 chapters.

  13. How could it be Rebecca when she was shot dead and was incased in ice by the time Elliot arrived? It has something to do with Wanda and Norah. I even thought that Sasha remembered that Elliot offered her a lot of money, maybe she went back for him to get his money.

    1. Yes Sar. If u click on the author. Her name is Jian Mo. She has two novels. The other one is called The Whole Town is Waiting for Me to Become a Widow (something like that). It’s the exact same book. When u go back on there. Tap the authors name. You’ll see what I’m talking about.

  14. Vonnie, I was excited until I clicked on the link. Unfortunately that chapter number has already occurred, it was when they came back from yonroville and Elliott was thanking Avery for forgiving him. The reason the chapter counts is high is because the chapters are short.

    1. Yeah I saw that! I went to chaper 2050 and that’s where I found new stuff! I tried earlier chapters and it was definitely old stuff but it was so close to chapter 2050 I thought it would give me stories up to there! Some wouldn’t even load!

  15. Here’s a wild thought could katalina be Rebecca. She heard Norah conversation and found another chance and took Elliot. Her first thought was become lyla’s teacher to get close to him. Maybe now it’s finding out what they know or getting Layla and Robert. For some reason she rubs me the wrong way.

  16. SPOILER ALERT***** okay the Chinese version has posted 4 chapters and I am hoping for the 2 others later.. it was Layla who open the door and overheard Norah saying her dad was dead. She was very upset and told Norah off, and she went home crying.. then the bodyguard and Layla made a pact to see what katalina knows.. The bodyguard went back to talk to katalina and try to convince her to work with them… not sure if she will or not, because Norah called her parents and told them to make her go back home.. katalina doesn’t want to go back, so we will the meantime Avery made it back to Bridgedale and waiting to speak with her lawyer. Layla told her what Norah said and she is a little suspicious of her now.. still no news about Elliott.

    1. 2 more chapters posted but 1 is 1 sentence?? Looks like something is missing. Avery met with the lawyer and no case against her. She is going to meet with the classmate.

  17. “So you are planning to quit your job and go home?” The bodyguard didn’t want to hear her talk about family affairs.

    “I don’t want to go home. If I go home, my parents will let me marry a man I don’t like…”

    1. JHen, not necessary it should be Elliot. It could mean that she doesn’t want to get married to a man of her parents’ choice..

  18. It’s been an hour since the last chapter was loaded, and it looks like we are going to be getting only 4 chapters from now on.. what a shame, waiting 24 hours for that.

  19. Tc, it want show chapter1982 only 1983, were you able to see it. It just says to wait, I have been waiting for ab hour and nothing.

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