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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1976 by

Chapter 1976

Avery took out her mobile phone and saw that it was a call from Bridgedale.

She immediately exited the room and answered the phone.

“Excuse me, are you Miss Avery?”

Avery: “I am. Who are you?”

“I am Ms. Wanda’s lawyer. Where are you now? Are you heard about Ms. Wanda’s death?”

Avery: “I heard, what’s the matter?”

Wanda’s lawyer: “Ms. Wanda said before she died that if she died, then the murderer must be you. I don’t know if you have anything to say.”

Avery: “It’s ridiculous, even if I’m not a student. As for the law, I also know that whoever advocates will give evidence. She said that I killed her. Do you have any evidence? Besides, Wanda is in Bridgedale, and I am in Aryadelle, how did I kill her?”

Wanda’s lawyer: “Although you are in Aryadelle, you can buy a murderer and kill someone.”

Avery: “If you can’t produce evidence to prove that I bought a murderer, I can sue you for libel. I’ll give you a week, if you can’t produce any evidence, then you can wait for the receipt. Lawyer’s letter.”

Wanda’s lawyer: “Miss Tate, since I dare to call you and say this, it is naturally because I have evidence in my hand…Miss Tate, as far as I know, your child is in Bridgedale, you should come to Bridgedale as soon as possible, otherwise, if this incident becomes serious, it may affect your child.”

Avery hung up the phone.

Tammy came out, saw her face was cold, and immediately asked with concern: “Avery, whose phone is it? Could it be that Wanda has come back to life?”

Avery shook her head: “If she die, she will die, and if she die, she will come back to life. It’s only in TV dramas.”

“That’s good!” Tammy breathed a sigh of relief, “Who called you?”

“Wanda’s lawyer.” Avery said this, and quickly adjusted her emotions, “Wanda told her lawyer that if she died, then the murderer must be me. So her lawyer will sue me on her behalf. I have to go to Bridgedale to deal with this matter.”

“D*mn it! Wanda is a poisonous woman. Avery, why don’t you go to Bridgedale? You stay in Aryadelle, anyway, Aryadelle and Bridgedale There is no extradition agreement between countries. Before, every time Wanda committed a crime in Aryadelle, didn’t she immediately go to Bridgedale to take refuge?” Tammy didn’t want Avery to get in any trouble, so she gave her own advice.

“Tammy, ​​I didn’t do anything wrong. I don’t need to hide. Wanda can ask a lawyer to sue me, or I can ask a lawyer to defend me.” Avery has decided to go to Bridgedale to solve this matter, and by the way, see wanted to meet Emilio, “Her lawyer said that there is evidence that I killed the person, but it’s just to scare me. I didn’t participate in the whole process.”

“But you didn’t participate, Hayden and the others may not have participated, right? If it is found out that it was Hayden Wouldn’t what they do… affect them too?” Tammy was suddenly afraid that this matter would make a big difference.

If Elliot was here, Tammy would never worry about them.

But now without Elliot, Avery always feel that there is no one who can support the overall situation.

“Then I’ll go to Bridgedale.” Avery said, “Tammy, ​​you don’t have to worry. Wanda is no longer the high-spirited Wanda we used to be, and we are not what we used to be.”

“Okay, okay! I know no matter what you do. Okay, you will go. Then you can solve the problem with peace of mind. Layla and Robert, we will watch them and you don’t have to worry about them.”

After coming out of Wesley’s house, Avery returned to Foster’s house and simply cleaned up Luggage, went out to the airport.

Listening to what Wanda’s lawyer said, if she doesn’t go to Bridgedale to resolve the matter as soon as possible, they plan to make it bigger.

Otherwise Wanda’s lawyer wouldn’t say that it would affect her child.


In the evening.

The bodyguard picked up Layla from school, and by the way, he told Layla that Your mother went to Bridgedale.

“Why did my mother suddenly go to Bridgedale?” Layla frowned.

The bodyguard: “Wanda is dead.”

Layla: “Ah?! Really? Is this old w*tch really dead?!”

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