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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1972 by

Chapter 1972

Wanda looked at this number, her eyes were scarlet as if they were about to bleed.

Revenge… It was Avery who came to seek her revenge!

Wanda wanted to call a bodyguard, but she usually only brings bodyguards when she goes outside to attend events and places with many people.

Wanda wanted to hang up the phone, but her fingers seemed to be reluctant and pressed the answer button. After she pressed the answer button, it was too late for her to hang up the phone. Because…she heard Jack Tate’s voice.

“Laura, today is our big day. It’s also the fifth anniversary of our love. I’m so happy! Are you happy?” Jack Tate’s voice was very penetrating and entered Wanda’s ears.

Wanda stared at the phone screen absentmindedly.

“Jack, I’m as happy as you are.” Laura’s voice came from joy, “This is only our first five years, and we will have many more five years in the future.”

Laura continued, “Thank you, thank you so much. You accompany me from nothing to the present! When I was most lost and suffering, you were by my side to comfort me and take care of me. Without you, I would not be where I am now. In front of all my relatives and friends, You solemnly promise that in my life, Jack, even if I fail everyone, I will never fail you! If I break my promise, let God punish me!”

This was Jack Tate and Laura’s wedding, The two took the oath made by all their relatives and friends.

How ironic!

Jack cheated on Wanda shortly after marrying Laura.

Wanda’s daughter was only a little younger than Avery.

Perhaps Jack Tate’s death in middle age was God’s punishment for him.

Listening to their voices, Wanda seemed to see bits and pieces of the past.

She saw how she seduced Jack, how she got pregnant out of wedlock, how she used the child in her womb to force Jack to divorce Laura and marry her.

She also saw how she drove Laura away from the Tate family, and how she treated their daughter Avery harshly…

“Today, it’s Laura’s death day… it’s also you… Wanda. ….The anniversary of her death.” A system mechanical male voice suddenly came, scaring Wanda’s body out of control.

She stepped on the accelerator with one foot, originally trying to avoid the fuel tanker coming in front, but in a panic, she slammed into it!

‘Bang’ with a loud bang!

After the car hit the fuel tanker, it was hit and flew out!

The surrounding vehicles stopped one after another, and the surrounding pedestrians screamed and watched this scene…

When the ambulance arrived, the blood in the carriage had already stained the ground red.

The car was severely damaged and deformed, and it took some effort for the police to lift Wanda out of the driver’s seat.

After a while, Wanda was taken to the hospital by ambulance.


Hayden called Mike.

After Mike answered the phone, he looked at Hayden.

Mike: “Wanda was sent to the hospital for rescue.”

“Not dead?” Hayden frowned, not satisfied with the result.

Mike said, “Don’t worry. Her car crashed like that. Even if she doesn’t die now, she probably won’t live for long. Your grandmother has been dead for so long, but Wanda has been happy until now. This time, even if she is lucky enough to get one back She will never be able to return to her normal life again. The rest of her life will be unbearably painful.”

“I prefer Wanda to die rather than make her feel unbearable.” Hayden pursed his thin lips tightly.

Mike said, “Let’s see if she can survive tonight! After dinner, I’ll go to the hospital to find out.”

Hayden took a few bites and put down the tableware.

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    1. DR…… I agree with you, but she had it coming for a long time. She went into hiding, but still looking for trouble. It was either his family or Wanda.

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