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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1962 by

Chapter 1962

“Because I am familiar with Bridgedale, and I remember that you used to be my classmate, so I will ask you first.” Avery replied, “I will also ask about other special planes one by one.”

“That way Ah! Aren’t you and Elliot divorced? He is missing now, what does it have to do with you? You are so eager to find him, do you still like him?” Emilio is like a questioning machine, with constant questions, “Since you still like him, why do you want to divorce?”

“Even if we get divorced, he is my ex-husband and the father of my child! No matter what happens to him, even if I don’t like him anymore, I won’t stand by!” Avery said. When she got excited, her voice couldn’t help raising.

Emilio: “You are really a kind and righteous woman. When are you coming to Bridgedale? I’ll invite you to dinner.”

“No need.” Avery refused.

Since Emilio couldn’t provide useful information, there was no need to keep in touch.

“I just praised you for being affectionate and righteous, but you turned your face and didn’t recognize anyone.” Emilio sighed, “My father has a lot of connections. If you want to find Elliot, maybe I can help?”

Avery: “Wait for your help. I’ll thank you again.”

Emilio: “Don’t be so realistic! We two are old classmates…”

“I’ve been in kindergarten for three years! You’ve only been a classmate for one year.” Avery refuted the title of ‘old classmate’, “If you can really provide useful clues, I will definitely thank you sincerely.”

“Just thank you? If I have other requirements, can you satisfy me?” Emilio questioned her.

Avery didn’t think much about his question.

Because now as long as she can find Elliot, she is willing to give anything.

“Of course. As long as you can help me find Elliot, I ask you to mention it!” Avery promised.

“Avery, you are such a stupid woman! For a man, are you worth it? Do you know that you promise me a lot of money? You promised me just now, and I can record it!” Emilio put away his cynical attitude and said seriously, “If I really found Elliot, and I’ll see how you regret it.”

“Let’s talk when you find Elliot! I will never regret what I say!” Avery said, after thinking for a while, “I remember that you have a elder brother in your family, your father is more partial to your elder brother… I don’t know if I remember correctly? If you help me find Elliot, I can give you a lot of money.”

“Avery, how much money can you have? Haha! My dad is really partial to my eldest brother, because my eldest brother was born by his wife, and I’m just his illegitimate child outside, and I can’t stand on the stage. But that was the past, and now my dad treats me much better.” Emilio said these things, not really. Feeling ashamed, “People can’t choose their origin, but they can change their destiny.”

“Have you changed your destiny?” Avery seemed to be in control of his future life after listening to his arrogant tone.

Emilio: “I dare not say that it has changed completely…”

“Since you haven’t completely changed, why don’t you need money? You help me find Elliot’s whereabouts, and if you find it, I will definitely give you a lot of money! “

Emilio: “…”

“I have other things to do, so I won’t talk.” Avery hung up the phone after finishing speaking.

Mrs. Cooper saw Avery put down her phone and immediately came over with a bowl of chicken soup.

Mrs. Cooper: “Avery, you have a bowl of soup to rest first.”

“Well. Where are Layla and Robert? Why are they so quiet?” After Avery finished speaking, Layla led Robert over.

“Mom, who did you call just now?” Layla had been overhearing Avery talking on the phone just now.

“It’s one of your mother’s former classmates. your mother asked him to help her find your father.” Avery took a sip of soup, then smiled at the two children, “The soup is delicious, you two should have some too.”

“Mom, my brother and I drank just now.” Layla walked over to her mother and sat down. After hesitating for a while, she said, “Mom, I will study hard in the future.”

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