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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1955 by

Chapter 1955

On the way back, Mike rubbed his palms. After hesitating for a moment, he said to Avery: “I haven’t told Layla yet… But Layla has already noticed that something happened to you. I let her Come pick you up with me, she won’t come.”

Avery’s lips moved, but she couldn’t make a sound.

Even if they hide it from the child, one day the child will see it from the mouths of others and on the news.

Foster family.

Mrs. Cooper cooked a table full of sumptuous dishes and waited eagerly at the gate of the courtyard.

Layla and Robert were pestering in the living room. The siblings did not play with toys and did not eat.

Robert wanted to go into the yard, but Layla grabbed his hand and wouldn’t let him out.

Layla was in a bad mood and wanted someone to accompany her.

In recent days, she has been secretly calling her mother and father, but she has never gotten through.

She asked Mike why she still couldn’t get through to her parents. Mike was vague and avoided talking about it. She’s not a three-year-old who doesn’t understand anything, and she’s not a fool.

She couldn’t contact her parents for such a long time, it must be because her parents had an accident. But yesterday Mike told her that her mother was coming back.

While she was happy, she asked Mike, is Dad coming back too? As a result, Mike said only that her mother was coming back.

Mike almost didn’t tell her directly that her father is not coming back!

As for why Elliot didn’t come back, Mike can’t tell you. Because he’s afraid Layla won’t be able to accept it if Layla knows the truth.

After the black car appeared at the gate of the courtyard, the bodyguard opened the gate.

The car drove slowly into the front yard.

“Dad!” Seeing the car coming in, Robert ran away from Layla like a fly and ran towards the yard.

Robert thought that Mom and Dad came back together, so the little guy was very happy.

“Stinky brother! Dad didn’t come back!” Layla ran out after him.

The door opened, Hayden got out of the car first and went to the trunk to get a wheelchair.

Mike helped Avery out of the car.

Robert was curious when he saw the wheelchair. His big bright eyes stared at the wheelchair without blinking.

“Mom, why are you in a wheelchair?” Layla walked up to her mother, stared at her face, and looked carefully, “Are you sick again? Where’s my dad?”

Avery thought about to tell the truth to her child when she was in the car.

“Your father is gone.” Avery took a deep breath, and the moment she said this, her voice became hoarse, “I don’t know where he is now, or if he is still alive… Layla, I’m sorry, I lost your father.”

“Avery, how can you say that? This matter has nothing to do with you.” Chad was afraid that Layla would misunderstand Avery, and immediately explained to her, “Layla, you Mom and Dad were led to a basement by bad guys. They were trapped in that basement with no food, no water, no signal. When your brother found your mom, we found out that your dad was gone.”

Layla heard the full story After that, tears welled up.

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