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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1954 by

Chapter 1954

Avery grabbed Hayden’s arm with one hand and tried to stand up from the wheelchair.

“Mom, do you want to go down?” Hayden supported his mother with both hands and carefully helped her get down from the wheelchair, “This basement has been completely dug up. We can see the whole basement from here.”

Qin An Ann stretched her neck and stared.

“This side is the first entrance, and that side is the manhole cover.” Hayden pointed Avery’s direction, “Mom, Elliot will not be there until we find you.”

“Where did he go? When did he go? Who took him away?” Avery looked at Hayden and asked a series of questions.

Hayden: “I don’t know. But one thing is certain, Elliot was taken away from the first entrance. Because the manhole cover was welded to death.”

“Have you found Sasha?” Avery endured, “This liar who tells a lot of lies! If I see her, I have to kill her myself!”

“Mom, she didn’t go back to her hometown. Maybe she’s not in Yonroeville anymore.” Hayden helped his mother to sit down in the wheelchair, “Layla called me and asked when I and you will go home. I said we will be back soon.”

“Hayden, I don’t want to go back.” Avery said, “Your dad may still be suffering… He may still be waiting for us to find him… I can’t give up on him…”

“No one gave up on him.” Hayden Correcting his mother’s words, “These houses were leveled and the basement was dug up, all because of the determination to find him.”

Hayden continued to add, “Mom, if you don’t go back, Uncle Mike will be able to hide it. If Layla and Robert know what happened to you, the two of them will definitely cry together.”

Avery lowered her head, not knowing how to answer her son’s words.

She didn’t want to leave here, but she didn’t want to leave the child alone.

Her heart was conflicted and divided, and she wished to jump out of the wheelchair now and find Elliot all over the world, but she was so weak now that she couldn’t exert any strength.

After a while, there was a roar from behind.

A helicopter circled behind them and landed slowly.

“Mom, let’s go back to Aryadelle first!” Hayden coaxed his mother patiently, “If you care so much about Elliot, I will send someone to look for it together.”

Avery listened to her son’s words and felt sad: “Hayden, he is youy Dad. He is not our enemy. I thought I could fool myself by pretending I wasn’t there! But I found that I couldn’t fool myself! If he was still alive, I would never quarrel with him again, never with him again separated, let alone anger him on purpose. I want to be with him forever!”

Hayden didn’t expect his mother to say these words to him.

“Avery, since you love him so much, then you should go back to Aryadelle first, take good care of your body, and take care of your children.” Nick walked over to her and looked at her haggard and sad appearance, “Once we find Elliot’s If he falls, he will be found at any cost and sent back to you.”

Avery had no other choice.

They all said that Elliot was no longer in Yonroeville. It would be useless for her to stay here.

When she was put into the helicopter, a thought suddenly flashed through her mind.

“Will Elliot be taken away like this?” She said sternly, “You said that he couldn’t be found at the airport or the station… Then is it possible that he was also taken away by a helicopter?”

But if Elliot left more information in Yonroeville, they wouldn’t be able to find him completely.

“This possibility is not ruled out.” Chad answered, “The special plane will have a record when it flew over the territory of Yonroeville. I will ask someone to check the flight records of the special plane in Yonroeville in the past few days.”

The helicopter arrived after nearly ten hours of flight in Aryadelle.

After Avery got off the plane, he saw the ambulance coming to pick him up.

“I’m not going to the hospital.” Avery resisted, “I’ll be on the drip at home.”

“Okay, listen to you.” Mike told the ambulance to leave.

Listening to her voice, although it is not as clear and loud as usual, but she can speak, it shows that the problem is not serious.

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    1. Hope…… What’s the point of saying all that to Hayden, the hatred towards his is deeply rooted. She should have set things straight with her son long ago. Poor Elliot. 😶😶

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