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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1952 by

Chapter 1952

“I’m not going home…I’m not going anywhere…” Avery refused Hayden’s arrangement without thinking, “I want to find your father…I want get him back!”

Avery’s voice was hoarse and her emotions were out of control.

Ben Schaffer patted Hayden on the shoulder: “Hayden, you go to the hotel to rest first, we will persuade your mother.”

Hayden didn’t want to leave his mother, and was afraid that after leaving his mother, his mother would disappear again.

“You are obedient. Your mother can’t be stimulated now, but your father’s affairs have made her stimulated… No matter what she says now, we must follow her.” Ben Schaffer pulled Hayden to the door of the ward Outside, he whispered, “You go back to the hotel with the bodyguard to rest first. I and your Uncle Chad will definitely persuade her to recuperate.”

“I want to take my mother back to Bridgedale for treatment.” Hayden expressed his thoughts.

“Hayden, Aryadelle is your mother’s hometown. Even if your mother wants to go home for treatment, she will return to Aryadelle. Your younger siblings have already returned to Aryadelle.” Ben said, “I know you don’t want to be separated from your mother, but you Respect your mother’s thoughts.”

Hayden pursed his lips, and after being silent for a while, he turned and left.

He is not good at coaxing people, and his mother’s emotions are too intense now, and he is a little overwhelmed.

After Hayden left, Ben Schaffer returned to the ward and closed the door of the ward.

“Avery, we have already sent someone to find my boss. No matter what the result is, we will devote the greatest human and material resources to find him. So you can take care of your health and leave the rest to us.” In the chair beside the bed, Ben comforted Avery, “It’s a big surprise that you can turn the corner into safety now. Hayden hasn’t slept well all these days after your accident. Mike didn’t dare to tell Layla and Robert what happened to you.”

“Avery, Nick has sent someone to Sasha’s hometown to find Sasha’s whereabouts. We also sent others to find Elliot in major cities in Yonroeville…” Ben Schaffer looked at her, exhaled, “If we can’t find Elliot, you probably won’t find it either. Your children are still young and need your company. I told Hayden that when you get better, I will send you back to Aryadelle. Layla and Robert have already started school. They are used to having Elliot around, but now Elliot is not around, so you can go back and accompany them, okay?”

Avery closed her eyes, and her tears couldn’t stop falling. She couldn’t hear a word of their consolation.

She carefully recalled in her mind what happened before she fell into a coma. Did she miss any key clues…

The harder she thought, the more her head hurt.

From the first night they were trapped in the basement, her stamina couldn’t hold up.

She only remembered that she had been lying in Elliot’s arms, because she was afraid that it would not last long, so she tried her best not to speak and save her strength.

But even so, she fainted.

She didn’t know that she passed out on the first few days of being trapped. At that time, she had no strength to look for her mobile phone, nor did she want to check it, because the mobile phone ran out of electricity on the second day they were trapped.

“If Elliot is dead…I can’t live…” Avery opened her tears suddenly and said these words of despair.

She was always reminded of what they had said on the first day they were trapped in the basement.

At that time, she deliberately didn’t tell him that there was a special positioning chip in her mobile phone. As long as Hayden knew that she was missing, he would definitely come to her.

Avery didn’t tell Elliot because she wanted to test his sincerity.

At that time, he felt that their chances of survival were slim, and his sadness and despair could be seen in his pretended calm tone and sympathetic eyes.

She asked Elliot if he loved her, and he answered her without hesitation.

She will never forget his affectionate eyes and firm tone at that time.

She had never been so sure of Elliot’s feelings for her, so she only asked this one question, nothing else mattered.

Now, she knows that Elliot’s feelings for her are more real than real gold, but what about others?

It was a huge pity that Avery couldn’t breathe.

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  1. I don’t understand why she chose not to take the body guards I’m so hurt that Elliot has been dealt bull crap all his life nothing good was favor to him except Robert it’s so sad now she’s saved and he missing why wasn’t she missing and he was saved I don’t like her she always treated him poorly and her friends and kids nobody ever gave him love or a chance everyone turned against him all the time for Avery dumb self even when she was wrong he still got the worst attack from them I hope he never comes back to her .but I hope that he is safe .

  2. I hope they find Elliot n I hope Hayden start looking for his father. I can’t wait to see Norah when they deal with her. She is so brutal. Who took Elliot? That person must hate Avery more to leave her there to die. It must be Wanda,

  3. It’s so sad that Hayden won’t even try to locate his father, with all his knowledge he has, but if it was Hayden missing. Elliot would move mountains to find him… I hope they find Elliot. He’s a good man who has made many changes. It should be Norah Jones to be dead!

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