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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1930 by

Chapter 1930

“Layla, what’s wrong?” Mike’s voice came.

“Uncle Mike, the bodyguard uncle called me and said that my parents couldn’t get through on the phone. No one opened the door when they rang the doorbell.” Layla told Mike, “Will something happen to them?”

Mike looked puzzled, took Layla’s phone and asked, “What’s going on?”

The bodyguard told Mike everything.

“Avery’s bodyguard and I haven’t been able to contact them since last night. Today we went to the corpse pit, and the people there said they didn’t go to the corpse pit yesterday. But they both went out very early yesterday. I can still get in touch, but I couldn’t get in touch at all in the afternoon. I don’t know where the two of them went yesterday? I can’t help but wonder if they are in the room at all…”

Mike: “Hanging at the door of the room The sign?”

“Yeah! If it wasn’t for the sign, we would have panicked!”

Mike thought for a few seconds, then said, “If they were in the room, they would definitely order a meal. Go to the hotel manager and check order information out.”

“Oh, what else?”

“You can also check the monitoring of their return to the room yesterday. See if they really returned to the room.” Mike continued, “Actually, the easiest way is to find the hotel manager. Open the door of their room and go in to see if they are inside.”

After Mike told the bodyguard the method, he was confused.

After hanging up, Mike found his mobile phone and called Avery.

The phone really can’t get through.

He sent another message to Avery.

“Uncle Mike, will something happen to my parents?” Layla felt anxious, “Why don’t we go find them?”

“Even if you want to go, you and Robert can’t go.” Mike said, “I’ve asked your dad’s bodyguards to check it out. We’ll know what happened to them soon.”

Layla pursed her mouth and looked at outside the door, her eyes are wide open: “Why hasn’t my brother come back yet?”

“Layla, don’t be afraid. Even if something happens to your parents, it won’t be a big deal. Your father has many friends over there, and they’ll definitely take care of you.” Mike reassured Layla, but he was really not sure.

This thing was so weird.

Avery went to Yonroeville to find Haze, she has no reason to stay in the room with Elliot and not go out!


The two bodyguards went to the housekeeping manager, hoping that the other party would open the presidential suite.

The manager was a little embarrassed: “Generally, guests hang a ‘do not disturb’ sign on the door of the room, indicating that the guests are in the room. Because the sign is placed in the room. If the guests are not in the room, what happens outside their room? Is there such a sign?”

The manager’s answer left the two bodyguards not knowing how to answer.

“But we really can’t get in touch with them. Go and check their order information for us today? See if they have ordered. It won’t violate their privacy, right?” Avery’s bodyguard said.

“This is also an invasion of guests’ privacy. But since what you said is so serious, then I will go to the food and beverage department to check. However, they may not necessarily order food in our food and beverage department. There are also many restaurants outside our hotel, which also provide door-to-door service.” The manager replied.

“Then don’t check their order information today. You can go directly to check the surveillance of their return to the room yesterday! We want to know when they returned to the room yesterday.” Elliot’s bodyguard said, “We need to determine now whether they are there or not in the room.”

“Okay, I’ll send someone to check.”

“You can take us directly to your monitoring room, and we can check it ourselves.” Elliot’s bodyguard said, “Just show us the monitoring device at the door of their room.”


The manager took two bodyguards to the monitoring room.

About two hours later, Layla’s number called again on the bodyguard’s phone.

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