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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1926 by

Chapter 1926

“I never didn’t love you.” Elliot didn’t think about it, and said what he said in his heart, “Sometimes there is friction, if you don’t listen to my explanation, don’t listen to me, even if I hate you at the time, it will soon be Forget your hatred for you.”

Avery heard his answer, her nose slightly sour. She wants to talk, but she doesn’t know what to say.

Elliot: “Avery, it’s not because we have so many children and I want to give them a complete home, so I lowered my head and pursued you again. This causal relationship is just the opposite.”

“Elliot, stop talking.” The light flickered, and she held back, so she didn’t cry.

In fact, Avery still has a lot of small questions she wants to ask him. But now, she felt that the latter issue was no longer important.

“Avery, I also have a lot of questions to ask you.” Elliot said. Even if he dies, he still wants to be a clear ghost.

“I won’t ask you, so don’t ask me.” Avery said, “If you think it’s unfair, then I can answer a question for you.”

“Okay.” Elliot planned to think about it and ask her what question.

“Elliot, I love you too.” Avery didn’t give him time to think, “I only answer your question.”

Elliot smiled bitterly: “Avery, I’m not going to ask you whether you love me or not. If you love me, of course It’s the best result, but if you don’t love me, I will do what I want.”

“I only admit to answering your question. There is no need to ask other questions.” Avery sniffed.

“Indeed. With this answer, other things are not important.” Elliot put away his curiosity.

Elliot was going to ask her about Billy.

But judging from his attitude, Avery probably didn’t intend to answer.

“Elliot, are you cold?” Avery felt a little hard to breathe, “I’m so cold all of a sudden.”

Elliot heard that her breath was unsteady, and he immediately took her into his arms: “It’s really cold here. Avery, Stay boil. As long as the rescuers come, we can be saved.”

“I’m so hungry…” Avery leaned against his arms, her voice low, “I knew I would have eaten more at noon.”

“It’s okay. …..When we go out, we will bring you what you want to eat. What we don’t want to eat now, let’s think about the children… Is it possible for them to video call you tonight? If they can’t get through your video call, they will be very anxious.” Elliot whispered in her ear.

Avery’s breathing was a little heavy. She heard his voice, but didn’t answer. She wants to save her physical strength as much as possible and stay up until rescue arrives as long as she can.

“Avery, I saw a piece of news on my phone last time.” Elliot continued to whisper, “There was an earthquake in one place, and some houses collapsed. There was a little boy buried in the rubble without water and food. The rescue was underway. On the seventh day, just when everyone thought that under the ruins, no one would be alive, the boy was rescued. The boy was still alive…”

Avery replied softly.


In the morning, after Robert had breakfast, he suddenly missed his father, so he was clamoring to make a video call for his father.

Layla couldn’t beat him, so she dialed Dad’s number.

“Huh? Is my dad’s phone off?” Layla couldn’t get through to her dad, so she dialed her mom’s number. After a while, she frowned, “Why can’t my mother’s cell phone get through? Why did the two of them shut down together?”

After Layla finished speaking, Hayden frowned immediately.

“Brother, I can’t get through to my parents, try calling.” Layla put down the phone and looked at her brother.

Hayden went to get his phone.

After getting the phone, he dialed his mother’s number.

——Sorry, the number you dialed is temporarily unavailable, please try again later.

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