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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1917 by

Chapter 1917

After washing, Avery came out of the room.

The door of the next room was closed, Elliot should still be resting.

Avery was going to go down for breakfast first. Just as she walked to the door and was about to go out, Elliot’s door opened.

Elliot was neatly dressed, with a fresh face, and walked towards Avery.

“Why did you get up so early?” Avery asked in surprise.

“Avery, didn’t you get up too?” Elliot went out with her, “Look at your dark circles, you lost sleep last night?”

“No, I fell asleep, but I just kept having nightmares.” Avery said, covering her mouth with her hands. She yawned, “Go see that accomplice after breakfast!”

Elliot looked at her with a worried look, and suggested, “If you don’t eat breakfast, go back to your room and take a nap first? You might sleep better during the day.”

Avery: “Is there any scientific basis?”

“No.” Elliot was stunned, “Or take some medicine?”

“I don’t have trouble falling asleep, so I don’t need medicine.” Avery declined his suggestion, “Don’t habitually rely on medicine. It’s medicine, three points of poison.”

Elliot: “But there are many chronic diseases that require long-term medication.”

Avery said, “If you have chronic diseases, you have to take medicine. If you are not sick, don’t take medicine indiscriminately. It’s like a minor illness and a pain, you can handle it yourself. No need to take medicine. It’s the same for children. Don’t turn my two children into medicine jars.”

Elliot did not dare to answer.

Avery glared at him and threatened him with her eyes.

“Robert gets sick every time the season changes. I don’t need to go into details about how pitiful the child is. He must be given medicine, otherwise he will cry.” Elliot confessed truthfully, “Layla is fine. It looks like she is sick two or three times a year.”

Avery knew that the child was sick and pitiful, so she didn’t blame him for that.

Avery: “When Layla was by my side, I got sick at most twice a year.”

“Two or two or three times, isn’t the difference?” Elliot pondered for a few seconds, “I also get sick three or four times a year.”

Avery: “You’re weak, you’re still proud?”

“What about you? You don’t get sick all year round?” Elliot retorted, “You’re so good, so I’ll ask you to take care of me and my child?”

Avery felt she dug a hole for herself.

After breakfast, when she thought of meeting the criminal accomplice who broke the news about the corpse pit, she immediately became in high spirits, with no sign of distress.

“I’ll call the bodyguards.” Elliot took out his mobile phone and was about to call the two bodyguards down.

Avery said: “It’s still early. Since they are still resting, let them rest! We can go by ourselves.”

Elliot raised his eyebrows slightly: “It’s their job to protect us. We go out and they sleep in the hotel? Are you sure?”

Avery didn’t stick to these small details: “Didn’t you say that the person was detained in the detention center in the city center? We don’t go to remote places, and it’s fine without bodyguards. If you are so afraid, call your bodyguard!”

Avery picked up the milk cup and drank the milk. Of course Elliot was reluctant to admit that he was timid.

Elliot put away his phone and went to the detention center with her.

The two called a special car at the hotel and went to the detention center.

Arriving at the detention center, the police station staff immediately took the criminal accomplice out.

Avery was shocked when she saw the middle-aged woman with her hands shackled in front of her.

This…isn’t this the woman she met last time she came to Yonroeville?

The two of them made a deal at the hospital.

The woman asked her for enough sleeping pills for euthanasia, she pretended to agree, and then the woman told her that Haze was sold to Aryadelle.

She didn’t expect that they would meet again so soon.

Unexpectedly, this woman actually broke such a shocking surprise.

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  1. Ksenija Davidovic

    Eliot is timid ???? Are we talking about same Eliot from very beginning? I don’t understand point of belittling his personality and character. You made him so weak. What’s the point?

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