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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1915 by

Chapter 1915

Judging from his attitude towards her today, Avery felt that her judgment would not be wrong. But not necessarily.

Just like she had wrongly judged him.

If Elliot dared to force his way in without knocking on the door, Avery would move in next door to the bodyguard tomorrow.

About half an hour later, Avery finished taking a shower and made a video call to Hayden.

After Hayden received the video call, the faces of the three siblings suddenly appeared on the screen.

Looking at the warm picture of the three children sitting together, Avery couldn’t stop the tears in her eyes.

This was the first time the three siblings had reunited since Robert grew up a little.

Avery felt that she was not a qualified mother, and she should have reunited the three siblings long ago.

Even if she divorces Elliot, she should find an opportunity every year for the three siblings to get together.

“Robert, did you call your brother?” Avery laughed and cried, making Robert a little bewildered.

“Robert is calling brother!” Layla answered first, “Mom, don’t cry! We are so happy!”

“Mom is so happy, so I can’t help it…” Avery took the phone, went to the door and opened the door.

“Mom, are you in the hotel now?” Layla looked at the picture on the screen, “Mom, the hotel you live in is so beautiful! It’s golden, like a palace.”

“Well, the decoration style here is like this… ..” Avery said, adjusting the rear camera, intending to show the children the suite she lived in.

As a result, Elliot entered the picture like this.

Elliot had just finished taking a shower, and he was only wrapped in a bath towel. He was about to change into pajamas, but he heard Avery’s voice outside the door, so he walked out involuntarily.

Who knows, when Avery is holding her mobile phone, facing him…

“You…” Avery saw Elliot wrapped in a bath towel, and her cheeks flushed. “Why did you come out without wearing clothes?”

Avery immediately covered the camera of her mobile phone, walked quickly to Elliot, and pushed him into the room, “I’m doing a video call with the children!”

Elliot understood what happened After the situation, immediately walked to the front of the suitcase and looked for clothes to wear.

“…my pajamas…?” Elliot quickly rummaged through the clothes in the box, but didn’t see the pajamas.

Avery took a deep breath, took a hotel nightgown from the closet next to it, and threw it to him: “You can do it first!”

“Okay…” Elliot quickly put the nightgown on.

Avery released the camera when she saw that Elliot was dressed.

She turned the camera to the front and looked at Layla and Hayden who were also embarrassed on the screen.

Only Robert smiled beamingly because he saw his father just now.

“Mom, didn’t you say you wouldn’t live in the same room with Dad?” Layla looked at her mother and said suspiciously, “You two, are you living together!”

Avery wanted to say no, but she felt she couldn’t hide it.

Avery: “This is the presidential suite. I don’t share a room with him.”

“Dad came out with no clothes on…I don’t think there is any difference between the two of you living in a suite, and living in a room.” Layla bluntly expose.

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