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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1911 by

Chapter 1911

Fortunately, all the Jones family’s efforts are rewarded.

After Norah Jones graduated, one job is better than another, and the salary has gradually risen to the point where ordinary people can’t keep up.

Until now, she has become an executive of the Tate Industries, and in addition to her salary, she also has huge bonuses every year.

Katalina’s father is a businessman, and his family situation has always been good, but Katalina is not interested in business management at all.

Her dream is to be a teacher, but the treatment of a teacher is naturally not comparable to that of a big company executive.

Katalina doesn’t envy Norah for making more money than herself, but is curious about her abilities and aspects.

Norah said, “I can get you out, but it’s just a matter of money. I contacted you, and I spent a lot of money. Now the focus is not about money, nor whether I can get you out. If I can find a way to contact you, I will definitely be able to help you get out of Yonroeville…”

The voice over the phone questioned: “Are you sure you’re not lying to me? Avery lied to me! She lied to me well. Miserable!”

“Avery is also worthy of being compared with me?! My success is completely dependent on my own ability! And Avery relies on men! She used to rely on Elliot, and then she divorced Elliot, and it was immediately revealed. She’s nothing now!”

“I don’t know…I don’t know anything, all I know is that I’ll never believe her bullsh*t again…and of course she won’t come to me either. It’s hard to say…”

“We haven’t met, and no matter how much I say, you still have doubts about me. It depends on your own choice. Except for me, do you have a better way to survive? If you don’t try, how do you know that I can’t help you escape?” Norah induced.

The other party fell silent.

About twenty minutes later, Norah finished talking on the phone and came out of the bedroom.

Katalina was sitting on the sofa in the living room, doing nothing, looking completely bored.

“Sorry, it took a long time to talk on the phone just now.” Norah seemed to be in a good mood, “Have you had breakfast?”

Katalina: “I came here after breakfast.”

“Oh, let’s go out to eat at noon! I invite You eat a big meal.” Norah pushed the broken hair from her ear behind her ear, “Have you started to work? Are you still used to work? If you can’t do it, you can come to our company…”

“Your Company?” Katalina wondered, “Is the Tate Industries already your company?”

Norah Jones chuckled, “I’m ready to sign a gambling agreement with Elliot. As long as I complete his goal within three years, I will own half of the shares of Tate Industries.”

Katalina was stunned.

“At that time, the Tate Industries will be my company.” Norah Jones picked up the water glass and took a sip of water.

“But what if you can’t accomplish the goal he set? He has given you so much benefit, the goal must be very high, right?” Katalina continued to raise doubts.

“Three years later, who can say for sure. Besides, I don’t fight uncertain battles. Just like when I joined the Tate Industries, I said I could lead the Tate Industries to glory, and I did it.” Norah said in high spirits, “As long as I decide to do, no one can stop me.”

“Oh… cousin, you are really amazing!” Katalina looked at her with admiration, “Just now you’re talking on the phone to whom? The voice is a bit loud, I heard a little…”

The calmness on Norah’s face disappeared instantly, and her eyes became tense visibly.

“Of course, what did you hear? Is the door of my house so soundproof?” Norah raised a stiff smile.

“I only heard a little…I didn’t hear much…” Katalina felt embarrassed seeing her so nervous.

“Oh… what did you hear?” Norah pressed.

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