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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1910 by

Chapter 1910

At dinner time, the bodyguards came knocking on the door.

Elliot opened the door.

“Boss, do you want to eat now or later? Do you want to go to the restaurant or have the meal be taken to your room?” The bodyguard asked.

“Go eat first!” Elliot said.

Avery’s bodyguard stood at the door and looked inside: “Where’s my boss?”

“Avery locked herself in the room.” Elliot wanted to open the door several times to find her, but he didn’t dare.

Hearing this, the bodyguard immediately broke into the presidential suite: “How can I not eat? I didn’t say that Haze died! What is this!”

After the bodyguard walked in, he realized that the suite was like a labyrinth. There are too many rooms, and he doesn’t know which room Avery lives in.

Elliot’s bodyguard wanted to drag the reckless Avery out. After all, without Elliot’s consent, how could outsiders be allowed to enter casually?

But Elliot gave his bodyguard a look and told him not to act rashly.

At the same time, Elliot pointed out Avery’s room to Avery’s guard.

The bodyguard strode over, knocked on the door, and pushed in without Avery’s permission.

Avery was startled when she saw the bodyguard come in.

“Boss, what are you crying for?” The bodyguard was stunned for a few seconds when he saw Avery’s eyes were scarlet, “The name of Haze wasn’t written in that pit? You can wait for the exact news of Haze’s death. It’s not too late to cry! In our village, people start to cry before they die, which is very unlucky. Why don’t you expect Haze to be well?”

Avery: “…”

“You eat so little in the afternoon. Aren’t you hungry now? I’m starving to death!” The bodyguard said, pulling her arm and walking out of the room, “If you don’t want to eat, the three of us want to eat. If you are sure not to eat, how can Elliot dare to eat? Elliot wouldn’t eat it, and neither did his bodyguards. Do you want me to eat it alone? Why am I embarrassed?”

Avery took a deep breath and quickly adjusted the mood on her face when she stepped out of the door.

“Avery, your bodyguard is right. I know you feel sorry for the other children in that pit, but things have happened, the criminal gang has been caught, and the tragedy has stopped. All we can do is to find Haze as soon as possible.” Elliot comforted.

Avery pressed her grief to the bottom of her heart and nodded: “Let’s go to dinner!”



Katalina came to Norah Jones’s apartment and rang the doorbell.

When Norah Jones opened the door, she was talking on the phone with her mobile phone in her hand.

When Norah saw Katalina coming, a flash of surprise flashed in her eyes, as if she didn’t expect Katalina to come.

Katalina saw her cousin’s surprise and unwelcome in her eyes, and immediately said, “Cousin, you sent me a message yesterday and asked me to come over to play with you when I had time. I thought you were serious, so I came… I didn’t want to…” Without saying the word ‘come’, Norah immediately changed to a kind face.

“Come in! I’ll make a phone call first.” Norah brought Katalina a pair of shoes, then took the phone back to the room to talk on the phone.

Katalina changed her shoes, wandered around the living room bored, and finally stopped at the door of Norah’s bedroom.

She was very curious about this strange cousin.

The Jones family was originally poor. Later, because Norah had good academic performance and insisted on studying abroad, the Jones family’s parents couldn’t resist her, so they borrowed money to let her study abroad.

At the beginning, the Jones family still asked the Larson family to borrow money to let Norah Jones go to school.

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  1. Thank you. Was nice to wake up and have chapters already there. I appreciate your time and energy doing this for us very much.

  2. I’m so frustrated with this novel, it’s taking forever. At this point, if someone knows what happened to the end. Just sum it up, I don’t mind the spoilers.

    1. I think its Nora cousin who took Elliot from corpse pit because she heard Nora talking on the phone @ Chap.1912 but sometimes i think its Mike secretly admiring Elliot 😅 who knows maybe in the past he is the founder of

  3. It’s really frustrating. It seems like it’s a never ending story.

    At chapter 1950/51, Eliot will be missing. Nobody knows his whereabouts!!! I am desperate to finish this novel.

    Does anyone know how many chapter this novel have?
    I have been reading from a Chinese website but they publish only 6 chapters a day.

    1. Michelle, it’s a Chinese version, you can find the link in chapter 1788. Someone posted a link, there are two one has porn in the background and one doesn’t. The second one posted under the comments is the one that doesn’t.

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