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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1908 by

Chapter 1908

Chad rolled his eyes at Mike: “Can you stop talking nonsense in front of the children? It’s about to eat, who are you trying to answer.”

Mike immediately covered his mouth.

“Uncle Chad, my brother and I are not three-year-olds.” Layla reminded Chad. “This old woman killed my grandmother. My brother said he would seek revenge from her. I believe my brother will definitely be able to avenge my grandmother.”

Mike: “Don’t worry! This old woman won’t be happy for long.”

Chad took a deep breath: “Is it appropriate for you to talk about this kind of topic in front of Robert? Aren’t you afraid of planting seeds of hatred in Robert’s young heart? This is not conducive to his physical and mental development…”

Robert blinked his clear eyes: “Uncle Chad, don’t be afraid…I don’t understand what you are talking about.”

Chad: “…”

Robert didn’t even know who her grandmother was. After all, she hadn’t met, and even if she heard her sister talk about it, she didn’t have an impression.



After Avery changed her clothes, she went to the hotel restaurant with Elliot to eat something.

“Eat so little?” Elliot had a good appetite. Seeing that she ate so little, he was afraid that she would be hungry soon.

The location of the corpse pit was relatively remote, and it was estimated that there were no decent restaurants around.

“I can’t eat it anymore.”Avery wiped her mouth with a tissue.

Elliot asked the bodyguard to pack some desserts to take on the road.

Avery said, “I’m a little dizzy. I’m afraid I’ll get motion sickness later, so I don’t dare to eat more. You don’t need to bring me food.”

“Since you’re not feeling well, then you won’t go today.” Elliot replied, “We’re not going either. We’ll go together tomorrow.”

“Don’t…” Avery saw that Elliot had finished eating, she got up from her chair, “Let’s go now! Go now, we’ll be back before dark.”

Elliot: “Why do you have to go now? You know you are not feeling well, so…”

“I just want to go.” Avery interrupted him, “If you don’t go now, you will lose sleep at the hotel.”

Elliot wanted to say, ‘I’m afraid that if you go to the corpse pit and watch it back, you will not only lose sleep but also have a headache.’

The group came out of the hotel and got into the car heading for the suburbs.

Avery leaned in the seat and planned to take a nap, but not long after closing her eyes, she suddenly remembered something.

“Isn’t that criminal gang taken over three years ago? Why is this corpse pit bursting out now?”

Elliot: “That gang was basically executed, but some accomplices were left out. This corpse pit is s An accomplice was exposed to mitigate the crime.”

Avery nodded: “Is it possible for this person to know Haze’s whereabouts?”

“Let’s find this person when we return from the corpse pit!” Elliot glanced at the time, “If I have time at night, I’ll go find out where this person is locked up. If I don’t have time, I’ll find her tomorrow.”

“Don’t think too much, just close your eyes and rest for a while. I’ll call you.” Elliot’s voice seemed to have a hypnotic effect.

Avery closed her eyes and fell asleep shortly after.

Elliot looked at her peaceful sleeping face and wished that time would stand still at this moment.

Avery has no boyfriend, only Elliot by her side. She would not ridicule him, and their relationship was peaceful and beautiful.

After the car arrived in the suburbs, Elliot wanted her to continue resting. But not long after the car stopped, she woke up from her sleep.

“Are you there?” Avery rubbed her eyes.

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