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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1907 by

Chapter 1907

Layla leaned in the seat and pouted to Mike: “Uncle Mike, I have a new head teacher. She is Norah Jones’s cousin, I don’t want her to be my head teacher.”

“Norah Jones’s cousin is going to be a teacher in elementary school?” Mike was shocked, “If you don’t want her to be your head teacher, tell your father! Ask your father to change your head teacher.”

Layla snorted: “My father is away, I haven’t called him yet!”

“If you don’t want to talk to your father, then you can talk to your mother!” Mike gave her advice, “they are together now, if you tell your mother, it’s like you told your dad.”

Layla: “I’ll tell my mom later! I’m a little hungry.”

“Well, let’s go eat first.”

The car arrived at the hotel and passed the hotel lobby. There was a large screen in the hall, and a talk show was playing on it.

Chad passed the big screen and seemed to hear a familiar voice. So he turned back and looked at the big screen –

there was a ‘boom’ in his brain, isn’t this Wanda?

No wonder the voice is so familiar, this virtuous woman sitting on the stage is the vicious woman who has retreated from the Wonder Technologies!

This woman threw all the charges on Elliot’s biological mother. If Elliot’s biological mother was not too stupid and greedy, and Elliot had no relationship with her, how could Wanda hide in Bridgedale and be happy?

Chad didn’t expect that Wanda would dare to appear in the public eye now.

He really didn’t take Avery and Elliot into her eyes.

“Isn’t this Wanda?” Mike stood beside him and followed his line of sight to see Wanda, “How did this old woman escape?”

“How do I know? Does she think everyone has forgotten her?” Chad sarcastically said, “I guess Wanda thinks that Avery has no power and no power to rely on now, so she has become more courageous.”

“Haha!” Mike sneered. Then he pulled Chad and planned to go to the private room.

“Let’s eat in the lobby. I’ll see what she said on the show.” Chad sat down closest to the big screen.

Mike can only go and tell the waiter to let the waiter bring the dishes here.

“I have done research on the Dream Makers Group. But the boss of this company is so mysterious! I only contacted their executives. And their executives said that they had never met the boss and all interviews were passed. Video calls, and the boss doesn’t show his true face.”

“I was just a little curious, but after hearing about this, I became even more curious. I specially sent someone to Rishawaka to inquire, hoping to inquire about their boss Billy If I find useful information, I should choose what I can say and share it with you on the show.”

“Everyone must not know that my ex-husband’s wish during his lifetime was to build a car like the ‘Dream Maker’. It’s just that he is not in good health and his abilities are not as strong as the Dream Maker team, so he died of illness if the research and development was not successful. This is why I am so curious about the Dream Maker.”

“I don’t know the owner of the Dream Maker, Billy. Will I see this program? If I can, that would be great! I want to tell him that I really admire and admire him. I wonder if I can have the honor to meet him?.

He expresses his admiration and admiration for the dream maker boss Billy.

Mike looked coldly at her laughing flower branches trembling, and only felt disgusted.

“Did Wanda get too many injections? Her face is so stiff when she smiles.” Chad took a sip of water and commented, “She looks like she is going to eat Billy. She even went to Rishawaka to ask. …..She did it secretly, and she even talked about it publicly. Could it be that the laws of your Bridgedale allow you to inquire about other people’s privacy? What is the difference between her and a perverted stalker!”

“It’s okay to inquire about information, but perverted Tracking won’t work.” Mike wrapped Robert’s bib and sneered, “Let her find out! If she can find out the real information, I’ll chop off her head and give her a kick.”

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