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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1901 by

Chapter 1901

After finishing speaking, Robert rode a scooter and slipped out.

The female teacher came down from the gazebo and limped.

“Are you lame?” Seeing the female teacher walking like this, The bodyguard asked curiously.

The female teacher had never seen anyone speak so flatly, so she was shocked.

Concerned that he is the bodyguard of the Foster family, the teacher did not dare to attack.

The teacher: “I just accidentally slashed my foot, but I’m not lame.”

“Really dedicated. You still have to go to work with your slashed foot.” The bodyguard sighed in a low voice.

The female teacher didn’t know whether to laugh or cry: “You misunderstood. I came here this morning with a swollen foot.”

“Oh…” After learning about the situation, the bodyguard grabbed the female teacher’s arm and put it on his shoulders, and pulled her. The weight of her entire body rests on the bodyguard.

The female teacher was at a loss, panicked, and was speechless. She opened her mouth wide in shock, but was speechless.

Her feet are injured now, and it hurts to walk, but before the bodyguard helps her, why not ask her if she wants to help?

Doesn’t he understand that men and women are not kissing?

“Why are you looking at me like this? Aren’t you a teacher? Why don’t you know how to be polite?” The bodyguard glared at the teacher, “The last person who stared at me like that has already been beaten by me.”

The female teacher was so frightened that she shivered. Immediately looked away.

“I, I’ll go by myself… I don’t need your help…” The female teacher couldn’t stand the dark and rough aura emanating from the bodyguard.

The bodyguard saw that she didn’t know what to do, so he let go of her quickly.

Robert, who was running far away on a scooter, suddenly stopped and turned to look back at them.

“Hurry up! Why are you so slow…” Robert pouted and urged.

The little guy can’t wait to go home to see if his sister wakes up.

The bodyguard listened to the urging of the little ancestor, and without thinking, picked up the teacher by the waist, and strode ahead to chase.

The teacher: “My whole body is stiff and I dare not move.”

Although she looked a little embarrassed, being carried forward was much more comfortable than walking on his own.

The group returned to Foster’s house.

The bodyguard immediately put the teacher down.

“You have a sprained foot, won’t you tell Robert on the phone?” The bodyguard was sweating profusely, so he complained.

The teacher blushed embarrassedly: “Did I ask you to drive to pick me up? How embarrassing.”

The bodyguard: “You’re embarrassed to be carried by me?”

The teacher: “I didn’t let you carry it, I can go by myself.”

“But you walk like a turtle crawling.” The bodyguard said in disgust, “It’s fine for you to bask in such a big sun, what should we do if our young master gets tanned?”

Mrs. Cooper came over with a glass of water and brought it to the teacher before.

Mrs. Cooper said the Bodyguard, “Please be polite to the teacher.” Looking at the teacher’s appearance, Mrs. Cooper continued to ask: “It’s not too long after graduation, right?” Mrs. Cooper asked the teacher to sit down with a smile.

“Well, I’m studying abroad for graduate school, and I just graduated and returned to Aryadelle this year.” The female teacher took the cup and took a sip. “Before I came here, I really didn’t expect this community to be so big. I walked around for half an hour and couldn’t find the way.”

Mrs. Cooper: “You’re abroad, so you probably don’t know much about the domestic situation. This community is indeed quite large, and it’s very difficult to get in without driving.”

“Hmm, is Layla still sleeping?” The female teacher asked.

“I’ll go up and have a look.” Mrs. Cooper went upstairs, entered Layla’s room, and woke Layla.

“Layla, your homeroom teacher is visiting. It’s like a new teacher.” Layla stretched his hands and rubbed his eyes: “What home visit? Why didn’t you notify me?”

“The new teacher said he didn’t get in touch with your father. Your father’s mobile phone may have been turned off and not turned on.” Mrs. Cooper reminded, “You first come downstairs!”

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