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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1893 by

Chapter 1893

Juniper’s attitude was clear, she just wants them to have a child for the Schaffer family.

Elliot’s face suddenly turned gloomy.

Ben Schaffer glared at his mother.

Juniper immediately added: “Of course, what I just said was the worst outcome. Of course, I hope that Gwen and Ben Schaffer can grow old together and love each other forever. Ben Schaffer, if Gwen promises to marry you, you must be nice to Gwen. If you dare If you bully Gwen, if you don’t need Elliot to come forward, I and your dad will break your leg first”

“I know.” After Ben Schaffer agreed, he looked at Gwen, “Gwen, I know we are together, I am the one who climbed high. After we get married, I will treat you more well. The reason why I called Elliot here today is to let him testify. If I treat you badly and make you wronged in the future, punish me how you want to punish me.”

A blush appeared on Gwen’s face.

This old man, when it comes to love words, one set after another, her heart is full of fawns, and her heart is full of joy.

The unhappiness when quarreling with Elliot was instantly cured.

Seeing her shyness, Ben Schaffer immediately took out the prepared diamond engagement ring and handed it to her. At the same time, Ben knelt down on one knee: “Gwen, marry me!”

Gwen looked at the diamond ring in front of her, her pierced eyes dazzled.

Such a big diamond ring is enough to witness Ben Schaffer’s sincerity.

When she said that she was hot-headed, she was actually very clear-headed, but now, her head is starting to heat up.

Which woman can resist such temptation?

After a brief struggle, Gwen said the word, “Okay.”

Ben Schaffer immediately took out the diamond ring and put it on Gwen’s middle finger.

“Do you like the ring? I asked a female colleague from our department to help you choose it. I don’t think you like the style. We will choose the wedding ring by ourselves.” Ben Schaffer sat down in the chair and whispered to Gwen.

Gwen: “Oh…I think this kind of ring with no style is more attractive.”

Ben: “As long as you like it.”

After lunch, Elliot drove away. Just now, he witnessed Ben Schaffer and Gwen madly throwing dog food, and it was a lie to say that there was no fluctuation in their hearts.

He just remembered his sweet past with Avery more than once. When they are good, they are sweeter than Ben Schaffer and Gwen.

Starry River Villa.

After Avery finished lunch, she sorted out the fresh cut flowers from the garden and put them in a bottle.

The phone screen lit up, she took off her gloves, picked up her phone, and saw the photo sent by Gwen.

In the photo, Gwen wears a sparkling diamond ring on her finger, which is very eye-catching.

Avery immediately replied: [Ben Schaffer proposed to you?]

Gwen: [Hmm. He said today that the relatives of both parties would meet for a meal. I thought it was really just a meal, but he proposed to me.]

Avery: [Congratulations! The diamond ring is beautiful!]

Gwen: [I quarreled with Elliot today. He made me think hard so that I wouldn’t regret it. His words stimulated me, so I agreed to Ben Schaffer’s proposal.]

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