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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1892 by

Chapter 1892

“Didn’t you say that your job comes first, so don’t you think about getting married for the time being? Why did you suddenly figure it out?” Elliot asked after drinking a glass of water.

“It’s just a meal together, don’t think too much.” Gwen replied.

“I’ve seen my parents, is it still a long way to get married?” Elliot said calmly, without any turbulence, “You’d better think clearly, whether to marry Ben Schaffer. It’s too late to regret it now.”

“Do you regret it after eating this meal today? Is it too late?” Gwen asked back.

“You can regret it anytime. You can get a divorce if you get married. It’s just that I have a special relationship with Ben Schaffer, and I hope you are more careful.” Elliot clenched his fingers holding the water glass, “She really wants to be at this age. The marriage is settled…”

“How do you know that he won’t cheat after marriage?” Gwen retorted him, “Just because you have a good relationship with Ben Schaffer, you think Ben Schaffer is fine with everything. “

“Because I have a good relationship with him, he will look at me for my sake and will never treat you badly.” Elliot, sitting here today as Gwen’s relative, felt that there were some things that he needed to remind her.

“Do you want me to thank you?” Gwen dismissed, “Even if he treats me badly in the future, I won’t cry and beg him to treat me well. I won’t give up my job, I will support myself. From your failed marriage with Avery, I know that men are unreliable.”

Elliot said, “Gwen! I’m your brother, if you think Avery treats you better, you can ask Avery to be your elder!”

“Avery has always treated me better than you.” Gwen was frightened by his roar, but she held back her fear and talked back to him, “Avery never yells at me, and never dislikes me. What about you? Before I had this decent job, you didn’t want to recognize your sister at all. Now that I can support myself and find a boyfriend, you finally appeared in front of me as a brother!”

Elliot listened to her accusation, his heart was cold.

It’s true that Elliot didn’t greet Gwen like Avery did, but he definitely didn’t despise her as she said.

The private room door was suddenly pushed open, and Ben Schaffer walked in with his parents.

Ben Schaffer saw the faces of Gwen and Elliot at a glance, and immediately said with a smile: “There is a traffic jam on the road, so I came a little late. Are you hungry?” Turning his head, he said to the waiter, “Serve the food.”

After that, Ben arranged for his parents to be seated.

Before Ben sat down, Gwen immediately walked to the seat next to him and sat down.

Ben Schaffer was very happy that Gwen took the initiative to come to him, but! Gwen didn’t show respect to Elliot, which made Ben Schaffer very embarrassed.

Now, Ben Schaffer, along with Ben Schaffer’s parents and Gwen, are sitting next to each other, while Elliot is sitting alone on the other side.

This scene didn’t look like they came to eat, but like the four of them came to interrogate Elliot.

“Gwen, did you quarrel with your brother?” Ben Schaffer asked Gwen in a low voice.

Gwen pretended to be casual and said, “He told me not to marry you.”

Ben Schaffer and his parents, all were stunned.

“This, this is impossible, hahaha!” Ben Schaffer used laughter to hide his panic.

He regarded Elliot as his own brother, how could his own brother stab him in the back?

“I just let her think clearly, don’t make a decision in a hot head, and go back on it after a while.” Elliot explained under the watchful eyes of Ben Schaffer and Ben Schaffer’s parents.

Ben Schaffer breathed a sigh of relief: “I knew you would definitely not stop me from being with Gwen.”

“Who doesn’t get married by impulsiveness? The more you make me think about it, the easier it is for me to go back on it.” Gwen answered.

“Uh…Gwen, what you said makes sense.” Juniper said with a smile, “but even if you agreed to marry Ben Schaffer because you were too hot-headed, I think it’s fine. Anyway, you should get married first. Now, have a child, if you don’t like each other and get a divorce in the future, it’s fine… We will definitely set you free.”

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  1. Gwen, has a lot of nerve, first of all she didn’t build up a career and work hard towards something, Hayden created the whole damn thing for her, she tried taking advantage of Ben when they were drunk and got pregnant, and because of her own stupidity and wanting to be in the know, she fullishly went and met a woman she didn’t know, because she was being me nebby and ended up getting poisoned and loosing the baby, but she tried to take advantage because Zion sent her there, just for that purpose, 2nd Avery may have been friendlier but Elliott is her brother and that’s the reason why she is accepted, Gwen has nothing, she is nothing and has ride on Elliott’s name and Ben’s coat-tails! Gwen has NEVER and will NEVER accomplish anything on her own, she’s too focused on who has the best looks and the biggest wallet!

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