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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1891 by

Chapter 1891

“Oh…is he going to find Uncle Mike on vacation?” Layla’s eyes lit up. Because she planned to take her brother to Bridgedale to find her brother.

If Uncle Chad also goes to Bridgedale, they can go to Bridgedale together.

“I didn’t ask him.” Elliot got up from the dining chair and held his daughter’s hand, “Did you have fun playing in the water?”

Layla: “Robert is happier. I think it’s too childish. Dad, I’m going to take a bath.”

“Yeah.” Elliot walked over to his son after seeing his daughter back to the room.

Robert became a drowning chicken. His dark eyes stared at his father, his mouth pouted, and he said in disgust, “Dad stinks.”

This was the first time Elliot drank so much alcohol in his own home after Robert.

“Then you sleep with Grandma Cooper tonight. You should also go take a bath.” After Elliot finished speaking, Mrs. Cooper took Robert to take a bath.

Elliot returned to the dining room, Chad scratched his head, reached out and rubbed his face.

“Are you awake?” Elliot teased, “Your alcohol intake is getting worse and worse.” Chad scratched his head: “I must be too sleepy. I didn’t sleep well last night, and I didn’t have a lunch break today.”

“The driver will take you back.” Elliot called the driver.

“Boss, is it possible that it’s not that my drinking has gotten worse, but that your drinking has gotten better?” Chad forced himself to regain his dignity, “I remember you used to drink two glasses…”

Elliot: “You used to be too. Do n’t drink three glasses and pour it.”

Chad: “I was really sleepy and fell asleep. If you don’t believe me, let’s keep drinking.”

“I’m sleepy. You go back.” After Elliot finished speaking, he went upstairs and went back to his room.

Chad was sent home by the driver. Because he slept on his stomach for an hour at Elliot’s house, Chad was very awake now.

Chad called Mike.

“My boss asked me to drink tonight. I poured it after three drinks. He even laughed at me for not drinking enough.” Chad was a little aggrieved, so he complained to Mike.

“When I go back next time, see if I can’t drink him.” Mike said, he couldn’t help but say, “You pour three glasses? It’s really getting more and more rubbish.”

Chad: “I was so sleepy that I fell asleep. I’m not drunk.”

Mike: “Oh, you’re so sleepy, you went to be a thief last night?”

“What are you a thief? I’m so busy right now. Isn’t it time to take a vacation? A lot of work has to be dealt with before the vacation!” Chad pushed the glasses on the bridge of his nose, “My boss told me tonight that he wants to chase Avery back for Layla.”

“Did Elliot tell you how he plans to chase?” Mike asked.

“He was very defensive about me. He probably thought he told me, and I’ll tell you.” Chad was a little sentimental, “My boss was not like this before. He used to believe in me.”

Mike: “It’s okay, you still have me.”

Chad: “You can’t be trusted! You listen to Avery’s words the most, and you don’t tell me a lot of things. I’m not human now!”

“Hey…you just get used to it.” Mike really wanted to comfort him, but after thinking about it, it is better to make him stronger.

In a flash, two days passed.

Ben Schaffer’s parents returned to Aryadelle. After Ben Schaffer picked up his parents at the airport, he took them to the restaurant he ordered.

Ben Schaffer called Elliot the night before and made an appointment with him to meet today.

As Gwen’s brother, Elliot met with Ben Schaffer’s parents on behalf of Gwen’s elders.

In the restaurant, Gwen and Elliot were sitting at the table.

There are only the two of them in the private room now.

The awkward Gwen clasped her toes on the ground. If she knew it earlier, she would go to the airport with Ben Schaffer to pick up people.

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