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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1887 by

Chapter 1887

“Gwen! You are so ridiculous. Who is my sponsor? Who do you think my sponsor is?” Coco has never been questioned by anyone, so her mind turned around for a while, and she didn’t know how to reply.

“Who is your sponsor, how do I know? If you don’t ask me, how can I ask you? I’m not interested in you at all.” Gwen picked up the water glass and took a sip of water casually.

“Hehe, I’m not interested in you either, I’m just interested in your so-called boyfriend. Because I think you’re bragging and raising your own weight. Which serious executive can look up to you?” Coco rolling her eyes at her, “Do you know Elliot? I ate with him before, and people of that kind of status don’t look down on ordinary women at all!”

Gwen chastised her: “It’s not normal for Elliot to look down on you. What? People like Avery, so save it!”

“Hehehe! When did I say I like Elliot? Do you think that a man like Elliot is in the sky? I don’t care about him at all” Coco Spoke nonsense.

“Oh…” Gwen saw her blushing with excitement, and didn’t want to continue to expose her little thoughts.

“What are you? What are you?! I hate others in front of me the most.” Coco raised her eyebrows, furious, “Elliot, a stingy man, whoever marry him will lose eight lifetimes of blood mouth. Avery divorced him, not only did he not get any benefits, but he even got all his own property. This is the first time I have seen such a superb man. Whoever treats him as a treasure will kneel and lick him Come on! I really don’t care!”

Gwen did not expect that outsiders would misunderstand Elliot so much. Even if there are misunderstandings, they are still talking loudly in public.

“I don’t allow you to say that to him!” Gwen shouted angrily!

Everyone present was stunned.

Before Gwen got angry, her image in front of everyone was quiet and gentle. Even when Coco belittled her face to face in the afternoon, she didn’t get angry. Now Coco is talking about Elliot, but it makes Gwen fry.

“What are you yelling!” Coco clapped the table and stood up angrily, “Are you going to fight? I said Elliot, but I didn’t say you, how excited are you? Or is it that your sponsor is actually Elliot?”

Gwen was so angry that her reason was gone,s he picked up the water glass in her hand and splashed it on Coco’s face.

“You splash me? How dare you splash me! You’re going to die!” Coco opened the chair and strode towards Gwen.

A dozen staff members saw that the two were about to fight, and immediately went to persuade them to fight.

The person in charge quickly slipped aside, found Ben Schaffer’s number, and dialed it.

About half an hour later, Ben Schaffer came.

In the private room, the table was full of delicious food.

But no one moved the chopsticks.

The staff were divided into two groups, one group was holding Coco and the other group was holding Gwen to prevent them from fighting.

The person in charge persuaded Coco for a while, and persuaded Gwen for a while, so busy that her mouth was dry and her mouth was numb.

Seeing Ben Schaffer coming, the person in charge immediately pushed Ben Schaffer in front of Gwen.

“Mr. Schaffer, I really have nothing to do.”

Ben Schaffer grabbed Gwen’s wrist and looked at Coco coldly.

“You are Gwen’s gold master?” Seeing Ben Schaffer, Coco’s momentum decreased a bit.

Ben Schaffer has an extraordinary temperament, and the watch worn on the wrist is of great value. At a glance, everyone can see that Ben is either Wealthy or expensive.

“I know Gwen’s temper. She usually doesn’t quarrel with people, let alone fight with them. Tell me, how did you provoke Gwen?” Ben Schaffer’s tone sounded negotiable, but his eyes were cold.

Coco was indignant: “I…I just talked about Elliot… Who would have known that she suddenly became so angry! She’s sick!”

Ben: “Hehe, Elliot is her brother, who is she? Let you gossip in her face?”

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