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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1885 by

Chapter 1885

Gwen rushed to the shooting scene after lunch. After making up and styling, She rested and waited in the simple rest shed. After a while, She heard someone talking on the phone outside.

“Coco is not feeling well? Why is she suddenly uncomfortable? Can she still come to shoot this afternoon? We didn’t shoot for long, at most two hours…Gwen came over an hour ago. I’ve been waiting here all the time.”

“No, I didn’t say that Coco is not dedicated to work. If Coco is really unwell, then of course I will not force Coco to work while sick. It’s just that we also have difficulties. Since we have made an appointment, it is not very good. There are so many staff here waiting.”

“Gwen…Gwen came back from abroad…she has won awards abroad. She has a good reputation abroad! Because our The underwear is going to be sold overseas, so I hired Gwen. I didn’t sell someone’s favor, I deliberately arranged an unknown model to cooperate with Coco.”

Gwen listened to the staff’s words. She already know what happened.

Coco disliked her not being well-known enough, and the coffee position was too low, so she was unwilling to cooperate with her.

But, in this case, why did Coco agree to this cooperation?

Signed the contract, took the deposit, can you push again?

At least Gwen would not do such a thing.

Gwen felt uncomfortable for a while, wondering if the shooting in the afternoon would go smoothly. It was hot and stuffy here, which accelerated the accumulation of negative emotions.

She turned on her phone, looking for someone to talk to.

Suddenly she saw the message Ben Schaffer sent her.

After the last quarrel, she has been ignoring Ben Schaffer.

But Ben Schaffer sends her several messages every day, asking her if she eats on time, whether her work is going well, and when she will rest…

She sometimes wants to reply to his messages, but she is reluctant to pampered and arrogant, wanted to test his patience.

Just when she was about to give Ben Schaffer a message, a staff member walked in and said, “Gwen, Coco will be here in about an hour. Let’s take some solo shots for you first!”

Gwen immediately put down the phone and quickly went to work.

An hour and a half later, Coco was long overdue. But she has done her makeup and done her styling. The staff brought the clothes to be worn to her. She took over the clothes, but her eyes fell on Gwen.

“You are Gwen, right? I checked the competition you participated in abroad, but it was just a small competition. Just like that, you are too embarrassed to brag about your achievements abroad. It really is a big forest, and there are all kinds of cheeky birds. “

Gwen felt aggrieved in her heart, but did not dare to retort.

Because the competition she participated in abroad was indeed only a small competition. It was Hayden who spent money to hold a competition in order to promote her debut.

The staff member: “Sister Coco, although She’s not famous, The sponsor is still a bit famous. I heard that her sponsor is an executive of Sterling Group!”

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