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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1881 by

Chapter 1881

Avery: “???”

Avery hurriedly finished breakfast, then went back to her room to sleep. But tossing and turning on the bed, she couldn’t close her eyes.

She thought that Mike told her yesterday that Norah Jones was going to see ‘Billy’, and she didn’t know what the specific situation was.

She picked up her phone and dialed Mike’s number.

“Mike, Norah Jones’s side, how did you arrange it? Didn’t she say she wanted to see Billy on her own initiative?” Avery asked suspiciously.

“Well, we have already arranged to meet each other. I think Norah Jones will have a nightmare tonight. Hahaha!” Mike laughed and couldn’t stop, “You don’t know how exciting it is! Do you want to watch the surveillance?”

Avery: “You even recorded Surveillance!”

“Of course, if Norah Jones is dishonest in the future, I will release the surveillance and discredit her.” Mike sneered, “Don’t forget that the Tate Industries is now in her hands.” Mike said.

“We gave up the Tate Industries voluntarily. No matter how the Tate Industries develops in the future, it has nothing to do with us.” Avery remembered that she told Elliot to stop meddling, and the Tate Industries is now Elliot’s, so she doesn’t Will be busy.

Mike: “That’s what I said. It’s not bad for us to keep her handle. Don’t worry, as long as she doesn’t act like a demon, I won’t release the video. Do you want to watch it? If you want to… ..”

“No. I don’t watch.” Avery was afraid that her eyes would be hot, “You tell me directly what happened.”

Avery: “I found a man with dwarfism…”

Dwarfism, as soon as the word came out, Avery’s body was like an electric shock, and a numbness spread all over her limbs and bones!

Right! All right!

Elliot said that someone told him that her boyfriend was dwarfism, but Norah Jones was the one who didn’t expect to tell him.

Elliot believed Norah Jones’s words with confidence, otherwise he wouldn’t have lost sleep all night and came to Avery so early.

Thinking of this, Avery took a deep breath.

“I asked that person to scare Norah Jones, but I didn’t expect Norah Jones to be very courageous! Even if it’s an old man with dwarfism, even if that person looks ugly, Norah Jones doesn’t mind! This woman, in order to gain the upper hand, will do whatever she can. It’s too awesome. That’s it!” Mike spoke highly of Norah Jones.

Avery only met Norah Jones once.

Norah Jones gave her a very rational feeling.

So what Mike said did not surprise Avery.

“So I brought some pets such as lizards, pythons, mice, etc., and asked Norah Jones to serve these pets… She was quite afraid, but she still wanted to try to please Billy, and finally the python entangled it. She broke her body and scared her to wet her pants hahaha!” After Mike finished speaking, Avery’s face became extremely gloomy.

Avery was once threatened with pythons by Elliot’s subordinates. So she especially hates using this method to scare people!

Avery: “Mike, don’t do this again!”

“Norah probably won’t come here again.” Mike heard her angry tone, so he restrained his smile, “She asked for it by herself. If she doesn’t take the initiative to hook up…. ..”

“I know. But don’t treat people like this in the future!” Avery said, sitting up from the bed, “Has Hayden gone home?”

Mike: “Not yet! Do you have anything to do with him?”

Avery: “It’s nothing. I’m just worried about his body.”

“Oh, don’t worry, I’ll tell him. Avery, just wait for Hayden to surpass Elliot!” Mike was full of confidence, “By the way, after Elliot heard that you were in a relationship, Is there any reaction?”

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  1. Avery’s just as vicious and malicious as Mike! Avery enjoys everything they say and do, she’s the biggest RAT 🐁 of them all.

  2. Mike is not a good influence for Hayden, not surprised Hayden keeps hating Elliot, he spends way too much time around Mike. He needs to dissapear.

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