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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1875 by

Chapter 1875

“What big move.” Hayden said indifferently.

“He offered a reward of 100 million to find the detailed information and photos of Billy.” Mike couldn’t help laughing, “This 100 million is a good profit. I really want to make this money.”

Hayden: “It’s not promising.”

After Said these words, Hayden hung up the phone.

Mike is still happy. He just said that he could not make this 100 million.

However, if he doesn’t make this 100 million now, Norah Jones will be able to make this 100 million in a short time.

After all, Norah Jones will be able to see Billy’s ‘real face’ soon.

Norah Jones wore a dark red tight dress today, showing her slender figure to the greatest extent.

She put on a light make-up, and her hair was pulled back, concise and elegant.

She drove alone to the address provided by Billy.

This was the closest high-end club to the Dream Makers headquarters.

According to the senior brother, the executives of their Dream Makers had formed a team here before. However, when the team was built before, Billy did not participate.

Billy asked her to meet at this club today, and she doesn’t know what wonderful collision will happen.

Norah drove the car to the door of the clubhouse, and the clubhouse parking staff immediately helped her park the car.

Entering the lobby of the clubhouse, after she explained to the staff that she had an appointment with Billy, the staff immediately took her to the private room where Billy was.

Norah Jones’s heart started beating wildly. She’s going to see Billy soon. She doesn’t know what Billy looks like or how old he is.

Norah Jones lost sleep last night and thought about it all night. She could accept that Billy was ugly. After all, Billy is so low-key and never shows up, presumably because of his looks, he can’t make a appearance.

Real handsome guys and beauties are definitely not ashamed to meet people, let alone express themselves in public.

Norah didn’t care if Billy was ugly, as long as Billy wasn’t too old and his character wasn’t too bad.

Alternatively, Billy’s age was acceptable.

This means that Norah doesn’t have to serve Billy for many years before she can get Billy’s inheritance.

Norah is afraid that Billy is not only ugly, but also young and has a bad personality.

After a short while, the staff stood in front of the private room, knocked on the door, and said respectfully, “Mr. Billy, Ms. Jones is here.”

With a ‘squeak’, the bodyguard in the door opened the door.

“Ms. Jones, come in!” The staff said this to Norah Jones with a smile, and then walked away.

Norah Jones took a deep breath and strode towards the private room.

Looking into the room at a glance, She saw a wheelchair with its back facing the direction of the door.

–Billy is in a wheelchair? !


With a ‘bang’, after Norah Jones entered the room, the door was closed by the bodyguard.

“Ms. Jones.” A strange male voice came from the wheelchair.

Immediately, the wheelchair turned towards Norah Jones.

Norah Jones widened her eyes and saw the man in the wheelchair.

Norah Jones was stunned and Shocked for a moment, her brain went blank and stopped.

Insomnia last night, she thought about countless possibilities, but she didn’t think that the reality was different from any of the possibilities she imagined.

Billy’s appearance is really ugly, his nose and eyes seem to fly out at any time, especially when he talks.

And his voice was not good, too, quack like a duck, and it sounded harsh.

His age…not a good guess.

He doesn’t look very old, but he might be.

The reason why Norah Jones couldn’t guess his age was because he was the first man with dwarfism that Norah Jones knew.

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