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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1873 by

Chapter 1873

When Elliot heard his daughter’s apology, he immediately took the paper from his daughter and wiped the tears from his eyes.

“It must be that I didn’t do well enough, so you will be mad at me on purpose.” Elliot looked at his daughter, hoping to hear more from her heart.

Since Elliot divorced Avery, his daughter has been living by his side casually, but she has never said a single thoughtful word to him.

Now that his daughter can take the initiative to talk to him, he is very moved.

Layla put her summer homework on the desk, and after struggling for a while, she looked up and looked at her father again.

“Dad, I’m angry that you didn’t coax my mother back. I’ve filmed several idol dramas, although they were all when the heroine was a child, but I know how those dramas were played. The man coaxed the woman back, why can’t you coax my mother back?”

Layla complained.

“Do you think your father never kept your mother?” Elliot asked, looking at Layla’s lost face.

Layla: “You didn’t! At least I didn’t see it!”

“I called and texted your mother, and I went to Bridgedale to find her. I tried every method I could. I don’t want you three brothers and sisters separation, I don’t want you to have a incomplete family of origin, but no matter what I do, your mother will never forgive me. I don’t know what to do to coax her back.”

When Elliot said this, he recalled the original All sorts of things, his eyes couldn’t help but get wet again.

“Layla, Dad is not a hard-hearted person. Dad also wants you and your brother to be with mom and brother forever. Because Dad also wants our family to be reunited. It’s just a lot of things, it’s not what Dad wants to do. How’s it going?”

After listening to her father’s words, two lines of tears fell in Layla’s eyes.

She felt that she had misunderstood her father in the past few years. Not only did she misunderstand her father, but she also got a lot of anger at her father.

Dad had never blamed her, and she was still complacent.

As everyone knows, her father is not feeling well.

“Dad, I won’t be mad at you on purpose in the future.” Layla wiped away tears.

Elliot immediately took Layla into his arms and wiped her tears with a tissue.

Elliot: “Layla, dad never blamed you. You don’t have to apologize to dad.”

“But I still want you to coax mom back.” Layla raised her head, looked at her dad’s handsome face, and said aggrieved, “I don’t want to. If I want a stepfather, I don’t want a stepmother, I just want to be with my parents. Dad, will you go and get my mother back?”

This was the first time Layla had formally pleaded with Elliot.

Without thinking, Elliot agreed to his daughter’s request.

For his daughter, Elliot is willing to lay down his dignity.

Regardless of whether the final result can be achieved or not, at least let Layla see that Elliot has worked hard.

It was 9:00 p.m. when Layla came out of the study.

She went back to the bedroom, and instead of taking a bath immediately, she found her mobile phone and called her mother.

Avery answered the phone in seconds.

“Mom. My dad’s crying.” Layla sniffed, her voice hoarse.

Avery was stunned for a moment: “Did you cry? Mom seemed to have just cried when she heard your voice.”

“I cried too. Because I saw my dad crying secretly… so I was also very sad.” When Layla said this, her voice became even more hoarse, “Dad heard that you were looking for a boyfriend, so he secretly hid in the study and cried. Mom, I really want to tell him the truth!”

Avery hesitated for a while and said: ” If you want to tell him, go tell him! It’s a good job for your Uncle Mike. He wants to test your dad’s feelings for me.”

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    I think wanda is the one who took Haze.

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