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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1870 by

Chapter 1870

Seeing the nine photos posted by Tammy, and taking a look at the words above, Elliot’s mood is like falling into an ice cellar.

What Tammy meant was that Avery could order a special new car for her too?

Thinking of this, Elliot found Jun’s number and dialed it.

Jun parked the car on the side of the road and took Elliot’s call.

“Brother Elliot.”

“Avery promised to book a car for you?” Elliot asked.

“Uh…how did you know?” Jun wondered.

“I guessed it from Tammy’s circle of friends.” Elliot asked again, “Why can Avery help you? Sure, tell me everything you know.”

Jun looked embarrassed, took a deep breath, and said “Brother Elliot, do you really want to listen?”

“What does Avery have to do with the dream maker?” Elliot’s tone gradually became impatient.

Jun cleared his throat and said, “She is in love with the boss of the Dream Makers Group…” After a pause, he said quickly, “It was Chad who told us. Chad is listened to what Mike said. So this matter should not be fake.”

Elliot’s breathing suddenly became solemn.

“Brother Elliot, Tammy went to Avery today, and it was confirmed from her. Avery is indeed getting along with the dreamer’s boss. I think you should forget her and start a new life!” Jun Seeing that Elliot didn’t speak, he felt a little flustered.

Jun was worried that Elliot would do impulsive things after being stimulated.

After Elliot settled down, he hung up the phone.

“Dad! I’m going out to play with my sister…you go out with us!” Before Robert was taken out by Layla, his little hand grabbed his father’s big palm and wanted to take his father out.

Elliot followed his son out like a puppet.

Layla pouted and complained in a low voice: “Stinky brother, let’s go out to play, what are you doing with your dad?”

Robert looked aggrieved: “I want dad to play with us!”

“Robert, what do you want dad for?” Layla glared at Robert and dad with the drone and remote control in her hand.

Robert flattered and pulled his sister’s hem: “Dad, watch us play! Hey! Sister, teach me to play!”

Seeing that Elliot didn’t say a word, Layla took him as air and began to teach her brother to play no one machine.

After a while, after Robert was able to control the drone by himself, Elliot rolled his Adam’s apple and said to Layla, “Layla, do you know about your mother looking for a boyfriend?”

Layla said “ah! What did you say?”

“Your mother is looking for a boyfriend.” Elliot looked at his daughter, “She is on good terms with the boss of the Dream Makers Group. She has already told you Auntie Tammy. She didn’t tell you. right?”

Layla’s eyes stared like copper bells in disbelief.

Mom never told her about finding a boyfriend! Why does she suddenly have a boyfriend?

“I don’t believe it! I’m going to call my mother!” Layla ran back to the villa angrily.

Elliot looked at the back of his daughter running away with an incredible look on his face.

What did Avery think? This kind of thing is hidden from her daughter. Does she think her daughter will not promise her to find a new lover?

Looking at Layla’s expression when she learned the news just now, Layla will definitely object!

The solemn expression on Elliot’s face eased slightly.

When Layla got home, she took her cell phone and called her mother.

“Mom! Dad said you were looking for a boyfriend!” Layla said angrily, “Did Dad lie to me or are you really looking for a boyfriend?”

Avery was lying on the sofa just after dinner.

Avery: “Is your father with you?”

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